There is a new player in international finance, with Ozan Electronic Money Turkey successfully completing its Visa principal membership process.

This is viewed as an important step in the development of the organisation, with CEO Omer Suner discussing its role in the organisation’s future plans: “With the Visa cooperation, our users will be able to create their Visa virtual cards in Ozan SuperApp and will not have to carry cash anymore.”

He added: “In addition, the Ozan team aims to cooperate with brands, institutions and organizations, especially with other fintech companies, on the path to becoming a global brand. In this context, we will continuously seek to develop our strategic partnerships, such as that with Visa.”

The Ozan SuperApp which Suner notes is being developed to meet the needs of consumers, as well as SMEs, who are aiming for a more cashless commerce experience.

Dr Ozan Ozerk, who is the founder of Ozan SuperApp, discussed the principal membership and the latest developments for them.

He said: “The Visa collaboration that we are announcing today is a great example of how we seek to partner with industry leaders on our path to global reach and success.

“We will continue to grow our collaboration with all institutions that share our principles of fair access and inclusion for all.”

Ozan Electric Money Turkey’s has undoubted global ambition with an untapped market of 1.7 billion people in the world who are completely unbanked.

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