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Last Updated on: 22nd November 2023, 04:57 pm

Half of SMEs (51%) think that the benefits of 5G are being over-hyped and exaggerated.  This is according to new research* from Onecom, the UK’s largest independent business telecommunications provider.

This finding can partly be explained by the fact that there is some confusion amongst SMEs around what 5G is and the benefits it brings. Some 22% of SMEs describe their understanding of 5G as ‘average’ or as understanding it ‘not very well’, and only 29% describe themselves as understanding 5g ‘very well’.  A further 41% say they understand it ‘quite well’.

As an SME owner or senior manager at an SME,  how well do you understand what 5G is, when it will be available,  and what its benefits are likely to be?
Very Well 29%
Quite well 41%
Average 22%
Not very well 7%
Don’t know 1%


Ben Dowd, Onecom CEO said: “5G is one of the most exciting developments in telecoms for years, but our research shows that the industry still has a lot to do in terms of not just explaining how it works but also the benefits it brings and how it could genuinely power growth for SMEs.

With that in mind, the main telecoms operators and companies are stepping up their educational and marketing programmes around 5G with clear and relatable use cases. For our part, our customer service team are working hard to give our partners live updates on the latest developments in their areas to give them a better understanding of how 5G works, when it will be available and how their enterprises could potentially benefit from it.”


Onecom and 5G?

In the longer term Onecom expects 5G to power a range of business products and services, fuelling adoption of the ‘Internet of Things’ and further strengthening the digital infrastructure available to enterprises. In the short-term, Onecom can help businesses get better connected, at far higher speeds. It has a range of 5G devices available to its customers, giving them access to the next generation of mobile technology.

Onecom cannot only provide SMEs with 5G mobile devices, it can also offer them Vodafone 5G GigaCube connecting all your employees from one space to 5G.

However, not everyone is able to access 5G just yet. You need to be in a city that is 5G ready – but the expansive roll out plan is continuing at pace over the next 12 to 18 months.

For further information on how Onecom can help your business benefit from 5G visit

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