Oakheart Property Debuts Dedicated Division for Land & New Homes

Last Updated on: 22nd March 2024, 09:39 am

Oakheart Property, a prominent real estate agency serving Essex and Suffolk, is thrilled to unveil its latest initiative, the New Homes division, signifying a pivotal advancement in the company’s unwavering commitment to excellence across all property-related services.

This expansion is accompanied by the strategic appointments of Aaron Breakwell as the Managing Director and Joe Waller as the Associate Director of Oakheart New Homes, highlighting the firm’s resolve towards fostering growth and embracing innovation.

Triggered by the successful establishment of Arpen Consultancy last year, aimed at aiding landowners in amplifying their land’s value, Oakheart has now identified a key opportunity in its growth trajectory – the introduction of a specialist team dedicated to New Homes.

This expansion synergises the strengths and innovative capabilities of Oakheart and Arpen Consultancy, promising unmatched opportunities in the real estate market. This joint effort is poised to provide all-encompassing solutions for clients and developers embarking on the complex ventures of land and new home developments.

Aaron Breakwell’s appointment as Managing Director brings to Oakheart not just a leader, but a profound expert with a visionary outlook. Aaron’s extensive three-decade experience in the real estate industry, enriched by 25 years of specialising in new home sales across prestigious regions such as London, Essex, and the Home Counties, and catering to a diverse clientele from the UK and the Far East, positions him as a valuable asset. Aaron’s remarkable track record includes over 1700 development appraisals in Essex, covering 8000 plots for a wide array of clients, from small and medium businesses to some of the largest UK PLC developers.

Joe Waller, joining as Associate Director, brings his strategic acumen and in-depth expertise to drive the division’s objectives. Their combined efforts are set to steer Oakheart on a path of remarkable achievements. Joe’s rich experience in property sales throughout Essex, including his significant role in marketing over 1800 plots in 2023 alone, with developments as large as 600 homes, equips him with a holistic view of the development process from planning to marketing and sales.

Alongside the introduction of the New Homes division, Oakheart is pleased to announce the imminent opening of its new branch in Chelmsford, Essex, this spring. This branch not only underscores Oakheart’s support for the New Homes Division but also seeks to expand its reach and deliver unparalleled services to clients across the region.

Dan Mitchell, Co-Founder of Oakheart, stated: “We are very excited to introduce our New Homes division and welcome Aaron Breakwell and Joe Waller to Oakheart. This expansion and strategic appointment reflects our commitment to innovation, growth, and exceeding the expectations of our clients. We look forward to this exciting chapter as we continue to evolve and expand our offerings.”

The establishment of the New Homes division and the Chelmsford branch inauguration herald the beginning of Oakheart Property’s ambitious journey towards further growth and innovation.

For further details on Oakheart Property and its New Homes division, please visit www.oakheartproperty.co.uk.

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