Niclosamide and many of its multipurpose application

Last Updated on: 22nd November 2023, 02:40 pm

Data show that Niclosamide comes with pharmacological activities that make the drug fit for multi-purpose use. These resultant effects of the drug usually come from its capability to disentangle mitochondrial phosphorylation. It can also be used to regulate some signalling pathways. The repurposing research of the drug indicates that it has a wide possibility of being effective against Parkinson’s, diabetes, viral and microbial infections. It can also be useful against some types of carcinomas.

  • Diabetes

About 1 out of every 10 people suffer from diabetes in the USA. This means that roughly 34.2 million people suffer from the illness. For every 1 out of 3 people in the USA (this is 88 million) prediabetes is a severe problem. Because metabolic conditions are common, it is reasonable to find many opportunities for treatment that would yield fruitful results.

Niclosamide in its salt form (known as Niclosamide ethanolamine) which has superior aqueous solubility, was also seen to alleviate the signs that come with diabetes Miletus type 2 in mice. This treatment by using mice that had fed on a diet of high fat led to the expenditure of a high amount of energy, better metabolism and lipid oxidation. It is known that Niclosamide ethanolamine is effective for the management of high blood sugar (hyperglycemia), glycemic control and has the potential to reduce the spread of ailments.

  • Parkinson’s Disease (PD)

Any abnormal changes in the catalytic actions of the threonine-protein/mitochondrial serin kinase PINK 1 which has the potential to cause an early onset of PD. The tiny molecules which help trigger the metabolic actions in this protein are known for their neuroprotective properties. This means that they can potentially be used for treating this ailment.

As a strong activator of the cell’s PINK 1, Niclosamide shows a lot of promise for helping to control this health condition. However, a further amount of PD models will be needed to understand whether or not the drug has the capability to treat this condition.

  • Viral Infections

A virus can affect anybody either through inhaling or swallowing. Humans can also contract the virus through sexual contact or bites from insects. With viral infections, people can become infected with the upper areas of the nose, throat, and airways. This also includes such systems as the reproductive, gastrointestinal, and nervous systems. The use of antiviral drugs can be used to check the reproduction of viruses while maintaining the solid shape of the immune system. Niclosamide is a good option to be applied for use as a broad-spectrum antiviral drug. It can target the different pathways of the hosts. This action is connected to the potential of the product to get rid of the infection. To this day, many studies have attempted to use Niclosamide to treat the Zika, Ebola, and Covid-19 viruses.

  • Bacterial Infections

Bacteria whenever it gets to the human system, can easily infect the body. This can lead to an increased amount of triggering reactions. Humans can contact bacteria infections through the airway or an open wound. Niclosamide for sale has shown its potential as an antimicrobial agent to be used on certain bacterial infections. It is mainly used to cure tuberculosis, MRSA – methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus. Due to these discoveries, it can be inferred that the product works just as well as vancomycin – which is presently being used to treat MRSA.

  • Cancer

Medical experts for a long time have been researching cancer. Niclosamide comes with so many important anticancer properties when used to fight the following cancers:

–           Colon

–           prostate

–           breast

–           osteosarcoma

–           glioblastoma

–           leukaemia

–           ovarian

–           lung

–           adrenocortical carcinoma

–           oral cancers

Available information shows that the ability of the drug to destroy a mitochondria tumour cell stops the proliferation of tumours in the cell, and trigger apoptosis which causes it to be an option worth considering.

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