“Nexergy Holdings PLC Selects UK Location to Utilize CASO Technology and Convert Plastic Waste into Eco-Friendly Oil”

Nexergy Holdings PLC, a prominent provider of green energy solutions, has announced plans to establish its first production site in the United Kingdom for converting plastic waste into sustainable oil using their proprietary CASO technology. This strategic expansion, led by board members Jason Turner and Ian Tordoff, along with technician Pontus Salveus, not only advances sustainable energy solutions but also demonstrates Nexergy’s dedication to promoting sustainability and economic growth in the region.

Nexergy has chosen a site with a history of previous, unsuccessful attempts to produce oil from garbage for its first United Kingdom production facility. However, the company plans to implement its proven and profitable CASO technology, which sets it apart from previous methods. Discussions are currently underway with the site’s landlord as Nexergy moves forward to secure this location. Once operational, this facility will not only validate the effectiveness of the technology on a larger scale but also serve as a crucial proof of concept for the UK market. With the initial installation of four CASO machines, Nexergy aims to significantly increase production within 12 months, positioning themselves as a major producer of sustainable oil, also known as CASOIL, derived from plastic waste. This initiative is expected to drive significant demand and enhance the United Kingdom’s renewable energy sector, demonstrating the potential of the CASO technology to transform the production of sustainable oil in the United Kingdom.

Following the outlined strategy, Nexergy plans to install four machines at the site, each equipped to produce sustainable oil. With these four machines in operation, Nexergy anticipates the capacity to convert approximately 50,000 tonnes of plastic waste into CASOIL. “Our recent visit to Hull marked a significant step in identifying a suitable location for our first UK production facility,” stated Jason Turner, Managing Director of Nexergy Holdings PLC. “This initiative is central to our expansion strategy, and we are excited to start preliminary discussions with potential partners who are essential in achieving our vision of bringing sustainable energy solutions to local communities. Establishing this facility is not just about immediate gains but is a pivotal part of our long-term commitment to enhancing sustainable practices across the industry and contributing to global environmental goals.”

“In addition to our production efforts, we also value strategic commercial partnerships under stringent confidentiality. This includes supplying CASOIL to a leading global petrochemical company, demonstrating the trust and reliability of our operations while highlighting the high quality and global significance of our products,” added Turner.

Pontus Salveus, a specialized technician who has been instrumental in the development and perfection of the CASO technology over the past twelve years, has now joined Nexergy. His deep expertise and technical skills are crucial as the company plans to establish more production sites in the UK and Europe. Pontus plays a key role in their strategic expansion and is a highly valued member of both Nexergy and Cassandra. “I am excited to contribute to Nexergy’s UK expansion initiatives and enthusiastic about the CASO technology’s potential to enhance our sustainability efforts. The CASO machine, capable of transforming vast amounts of plastic into high-quality CASOIL, supports our commitment to reducing environmental impact and advancing resource efficiency. This scalable solution is key to addressing the growing demand for sustainable energy solutions and advancing towards a circular economy,” said Pontus.

CASOIL, short for “Cassandra Oil,” is a sustainable oil product derived from either recycled or renewable carbon sources, primarily plastic waste. It is produced using the innovative Cassandra Technology, which enables the conversion of various waste materials, such as plastic waste and bio-based materials like car tires, into high-quality hydrocarbons. This sustainable alternative to conventional fossil-based feedstocks for plastic production can be created from chemically recycled waste plastic or renewable carbon sources, including bio-based materials like waste and residues. CASOIL is of identical quality to oil used to produce conventional plastic and can be used in the same products and applications without requiring changes to existing infrastructure. Its introduction enhances the circular economy by keeping materials in circulation and replacing fossil resources with sustainable alternatives, ensuring that the recyclability of plastics remains unchanged. Currently, CASOIL is being delivered to a world-leading petrochemical company under a non-disclosure agreement.

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