New Market Report Predicts Growth of Solid-State Cooling from 2024-2044

Last Updated on: 21st November 2023, 10:13 pm

Research released today by Zhar Research has revealed that the solid state cooling market is set to more than triple in size to reach over $100 billion by 2044. The report, titled ‘Solid State Cooling Markets 2024-2044’ (326 pages), is the most up-to-date analysis available and provides a comprehensive breakdown of the market.

The report highlights that future cooling will increasingly be solid-state, utilising multi-mode and multi-functional materials that use multilayered solids and structural electronics akin to mobile phones and electric cars. These materials will mostly be benign and affordable, such as silicone, silica, boron nitride, alumina, titania and polyethylene variants, often in sophisticated forms such as aerogels, nanocomposites, photonics and metamaterials.

The report also contains new insights and data, including maturity curves, infograms, forecasts, SWOT appraisals, acquisition opportunities, company mentions, partnership opportunities and best research. It also includes detailed roadmaps 2024-2044, data and insights to create a billion-dollar business, and promising applications and gaps in the market identified.

The report provides a thorough overview of cooling needs that will increase for many reasons, and growing problems and new solutions when cooling buildings. It also includes an analysis of radiative and heat sink radiative/ convective cooling, passive liquid cooling: emerging materials and devices toolkit 2023-2043, thermal interface materials and other emerging materials and devices for conductive cooling, solid-state caloric cooling, metamaterial and other advanced photonic cooling: emerging materials and devices, and thermoelectric cooling reinvented.

Finally, the report also covers multi–mode and multi-purpose integrated cooling involving solid-state, including solid-state cooling that desalinates water, captures useful amounts from the air, and load-bearing thermal insulation and active cooling materials.

The report is a comprehensive guide to understanding the solid state cooling market, and provides the necessary data and information to create a billion-dollar business in this sector.

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