New buttonless controller changing the VR experience

Last Updated on: 22nd November 2023, 05:18 am

Virtual reality fans are in for a treat, with a new buttonless remote that promises to raise the standard of immersion in gaming to new levels.

That is according its maker, TGO, who has revealed a new controller which allows VR users to manipulate their experience through finger movement.

The technology, which works through specialised finger sensors, is being put to use through a controller called ‘etee’. It will allow users to be more immersed in the VR world, with the likes of pressure and proximity being just two of the elements that will be more interactive.

A designer of etee, Mick Lin, discussed the need for ambition when it comes to VR remotes, stating: “VR games need a controller that moves beyond the stale, TV remote-like devices that are prevalent today.”

“etee takes us away from binary button commands into a new world of gesture, grip and touch-based controls. It delivers richer, more mesmerising interactions: the experience gamers deserve.”

The wireless controller has been described as “ergonomic, durable and lightweight”, which is useful for extended periods of use. It can also be used for both VR, AR and with several other pieces of technology, including some drones and home devices.

Jakub Kamecki, etee’s Head of Business Development, discussed how this technology can extend well beyond the gaming sphere. He said: “I’ve never seen someone pick up an etee controller and fail to be wowed.

“We want to share this technology and to build a community, not only of gamers but of developers, innovators and inventors.”

The already fully-funded etee controllers are available on Kickstarter. More information about them can be found here –

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