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New Book Questions Society’s Willingness to Victim Blame

Last Updated on: 22nd November 2023, 10:12 am

New book explains the reason why women are blamed for everything

There are many areas in life where it is quite simply easier to be a man, than it is to be a woman.

A dramatic (but all too frequent) one of these areas is being investigated in a new book by Dr Jessica Taylor.
The subject matter of this book is around society’s tendency to put an onus on the actions of a female victim, rather than the actions of a male perpetrator.

New book explains the reason why women are blamed for everything
New book explains the reason why women are blamed for everything

The title of the book, Why Women are Blamed for Everything: Exploring victim blaming of women subjected to violence and trauma, was the result of Dr Taylor’s extensive research in this area.

She explained this, stating: “I called it ‘Why women are blamed for everything’ because in all of the work and research I have done, I have seen women handed the blame for everything from being harassed in the street to being trafficked and sold for sex. Anything that can be used against them, is used against them. Even if they couldn’t consent.”

Prior to the release, Dr Jessica Taylor founded VictimFocus, which is an organisation whose aim it is to change the collective mindset around victim blaming.

Dr Taylor, who holds a PhD in forensic psychology and is a senior lecturer in Forensic and Criminal Psychology, includes new data and research relating to her work within this book. For instance, there are chapters discussing psychological theories, evidence and real-life stories of victim blaming.

She also looks into the psychological and societal elements which may lead to an attitude like this being so prevalent within everyday life.

She added: “I write about the ways the criminal justice system, our mental health services and even our primary schools encourage and uphold the victim blaming culture.”

Dr Taylor added that the book is written is such a way that the reader does not need to be familiar with either psychology or the social sciences to grasp the subject matter within its pages.

You can buy the book here: https://victimfocus-resources.com/products/why-women-are-blamed-for-everything-exploring-victim-blaming-of-women-subjected-to-violence-and-trauma-by-dr-jessica-eaton

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