NEC Group Leads in Sustainable Disposal Initiatives with NCM Auctions Partnership

Last Updated on: 20th February 2024, 05:36 pm

NEC Group, a frontrunner in the live events industry, is actualising its ‘Better Events Strategy’ by endorsing the sustainable and responsible disposal of redundant catering and bar equipment, rigging, and heavy machinery.

To manage the consolidation of excess assets from its premier venue, the NEC in Birmingham, the Group has engaged NCM Auctions, an asset management and auction firm situated in South Yorkshire.

This exclusive web-based auction presents over 300 listings from the NEC, featuring a wide array of items including catering devices and beverage dispensers, machinery and lifting platforms, rigging, seating for events, large-scale printing machinery, furniture, mechanical parts, and significantly more.

NCM Auctions’ distinct strategy enables the repurposing and rejuvenation of these items, preventing their disposal in landfills. This approach fosters notable social and economic benefits, while also supporting NEC Group’s commitment to reducing the environmental impact of its event-related activities.

Alex McCormick from NCM Auctions underscored the importance of such auctions for smaller enterprises: “When a leader in the events space like NEC Group partners with us to consolidate their assets it makes this equipment and machinery available to smaller businesses, whether they be start-ups, scale-ups, community groups or charities – they all benefit from gaining access to this kit at a fraction of the cost of trying to source or acquire it new.

“This circular approach to reusing and redeploying equipment, that is very much in demand, helps divert it from landfill or expensive disposal costs. It’s a win-win situation for our auction buyers and the client.

“I want to thank the team at NEC Group for working with us on this project and putting together such an extensive catalogue that has already received significant interest and pre-registration from our regular auction buyers.”

The NEC Group auction is online now, and bidding ends on 22 February. Those interested can browse the catalogue and register to bid.

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