My Club Limited (My Club Group) has secured the exclusive license for a gambling patent that is applicable to both mobile and wi-fi devices. The patent deals with services that utilise real-time streaming data within the betting and gambling arena.

The patent is within the same family of patents granted in the United States, which is relevant to both the betting and financial markets.

My Club Group, Chief Operating Officer, Graham Anderson said:

“We are delighted to have secured the rights to this sector in the UK. Our patent covers any type of profiled betting and gambling data that is placed on a wireless device that requires wireless data. It is anticipated that every betting company that operates within the UK utilises the patented process and is in breach of the patent. We will be contacting the operators to discuss recompense for past and present infringements and offer them a licence to cover past and future betting operations.”

My Club will be launching the enhanced version of their unique betting services for grassroots sports clubs and will use this patent to protect their commercial position and that of their partners.

The remote gaming market in the UK is worth over £5billion, with an estimated 33 million active customers.