Multinet Up Launches AI-Infused MultiTravel Solution, Revolutionizing Corporate Travel

Last Updated on: 18th December 2023, 03:17 pm

Multinet Up is making waves in the corporate travel management sector with its AI-driven website, This platform, meticulously developed by examining over 300 AI tools, showcases the MultiTravel solution, which offers intelligent travel management services to its users., the brainchild of Multinet Up, marks a significant advancement in corporate travel solutions. The site, developed entirely through artificial intelligence technologies, serves as a comprehensive guide to MultiTravel, Multinet Up’s pioneering corporate travel solution.

The website provides businesses with a streamlined approach to managing accommodation for business trips. It elaborates on MultiTravel’s features, including automated processes and Application Programming Interface (API) integrations, creating an efficient and user-friendly experience.

The Multinet Up Marketing Team dedicated over a thousand hours to the site’s development, applying more than 300 AI tools to perfect every element, from domain name selection to content creation. This dedication ensures users can easily navigate hotel bookings, budget management, and reporting features within MultiTravel.

Accommodation organised without the need for intermediaries

Ali Emre Sever, CEO at Multinet Up, shares his thoughts: “MultiTravel allows companies to effortlessly arrange accommodation for business trips directly, bypassing any need for intermediaries or meetings. It provides benefits such as effective budget control, access to the best accommodation options, and the convenience of consolidated invoicing.”

Sever further explains the vision behind the website: “At Multinet Up, our digital offering is provided via a website entirely crafted using end-to-end artificial intelligence, culminating in the creation of This website stands as a testament to our technological advancements. Through it, we aim to introduce MultiTravel to a wider audience, highlighting our solutions that streamline corporate travel planning.”

As a prominent leader in the sector, Multinet Up oversees a vast network including 1.5 million card users, 60,000 merchants, and nearly 40,000 customers. The company offers a range of services, from meal cards to corporate gift cards, constantly seeking to enhance business partners’ procurement processes. With a focus on technological innovation and customer needs, Multinet Up continues to enrich the business landscape with ground-breaking projects like

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