As the youngest branch of iGaming, live casino online is becoming more and more popular. With the remarkable growth of this kind of gambling, live casino is what many people think will become a leader in the industry. 

However, with the popularity of online gambling and especially live casino, online operators, and the providers of live casino software are becoming exposed to a variety of speculations regarding their services. 

It’s always easier for gamblers to accuse “bad guys” rather than to confess that they’ve just had “bad luck”. Although the gambling community is aware of the fact that most of the web-based gaming platforms are fully committed to fair play, misunderstandings occur sometimes. 

Even though gamblers are very superstitious, myths about cheating are usually related to the practices of operators. Despite the clear fact that gamblers’ beliefs (lucky day, unbeatable strategy) are nothing but superstitions, gamblers still have doubts about providers. 

It’s good for gamblers to get some information about the casino, but the sources of this information must be verified. Gamblers also have to make sure that they have read general and bonus rules. 

Myth number 1: Live Dealers Games Are Rigged

The first myth is related to stories about pre-recorded footage of ball spinning or different manipulations with cards. Because of the high demand for roulette, the game has often been a subject of manipulations and “irregularities”. In unregistered, illegal casinos, they used to use a magnet to impact the outcome of the game. 

However, for live dealer games provided by reputable developers and registered in very restricted jurisdictions, these manipulations aren’t true. When licensed in these jurisdictions, casinos are subject to strict controls of independent agencies for fairness and compliance. 

The tables are surrounded by cameras as well.

Myth number 2: Live Dealers Earn Commission

Live dealers are often accused of earning money from player’s losses. This isn’t true. They are paid salaries. Unlike their colleagues who work in land-based casinos, live dealers are not paid extra money to chat with players so they can play longer, or they don’t get money from lucky winners. 

Myth number 3: Card Counting Works For Live Dealer Games

Players think that it is impossible to count cards in the case of RNG table games. When it comes to live games, they have completely different opinions. No matter if it is a land-based or live casino that you play in, card counting isn’t possible. 

Myth number 4: New Games Are Looser Than Older Releases

This is another untrue statement. To promote the services and attract new players, live casinos offer a variety of bonuses. 

Myth number 5: Big Wins Are Impossible To Cash Out

No matter how much you earn, you can expect that licensed and reputable live casinos pay off your winnings. Sometimes, glitches happen and your payments are not transferred to your account when expected. That doesn’t mean casinos want to keep their prizes. 

Myth number 6: Live Dealer Games Pay Less

Another baseless illusion says that live dealers pay less than their RNG counterparts. This isn’t true. 

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