Miss England 2024 Secures Watermans Hair Growth as Premier Sponsor, Showcasing Commitment to Hair Health

Last Updated on: 20th March 2024, 04:15 pm

In a landmark move for the intersection of beauty, wellness, and philanthropy, Watermans Hair Growth has been unveiled as the headline sponsor for Miss England 2024. This announcement has been warmly welcomed, with former Miss England and NHS Doctor, Bhasha Mukherjee, bringing to light the critical but often neglected issue of hair loss alongside this collaboration.

Originating from Yorkshire, Watermans, under the stewardship of Gail and Matt Waterman, has earned its stripes as the Original Hair Growth company. With a track record since 2012 that includes receiving the Queen’s Award, the brand is at the vanguard of hair care innovation.

The synergy between Watermans and the Miss England 2024 initiative “Balls to Cancer” is a testament to the brand’s philanthropic ethos. Angie Beasley, Miss England’s Director, has voiced her excitement about this partnership, specifically lauding Watermans’ altruistic act of donating their renowned ‘Grow Me’ hair growth shampoo to chemotherapy wards.

Bhasha Mukherjee’s narrative as the first British Indian Miss England 2019 winner and her candid account of dealing with hair loss resonate with many. Her commendation of Watermans for addressing this issue speaks volumes, highlighting the brand’s role in breaking down stigmas and fostering hope.

The genesis of Watermans is rooted in Gail and Matt Waterman‘s personal struggles with hair loss, leading to the birth of a brand that fuses over three decades of hair salon insight with breakthrough formulations. The brand’s global success is underscored by its products’ international demand, selling every 30 seconds.

This pivotal sponsorship of Miss England 2024 by Watermans, as emphasized by Angie Beasley, marks a significant chapter, with the brand’s British heritage playing a central role in this iconic event. Jessica Gagen, Miss England’s first redhead titleholder, is set to carry this legacy forward at the 71st Miss World in India, symbolizing a movement of diversity and empowerment.

The excitement is mounting for the national final of Miss England 2024, scheduled for 16th & 17th May 2024 at the Grand Station Wolverhampton, where the victor will advance to the 72nd Miss World final.

For updates on Watermans’ influential role in the Miss England 2024 event, be sure to check out the Watermans website.

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