In a bold endeavor to reshape corporate learning, Mark A Preston, a renowned Business Growth (SEO) Trainer, Advisor, and Speaker, has launched the ‘Training by Doing’ initiative. This innovative program is poised to bring a fresh, hands-on approach to business growth and SEO training within the corporate sector in the UK.

Pioneering a New Era in Corporate Education

The ‘Training by Doing’ initiative aims to inject new life into corporate training by placing a strong emphasis on practical experience and active participation. Diverging from conventional teaching methods, this initiative immerses itself directly in the marketing teams’ natural working environments, fostering a culture of collaborative growth and skill refinement.

Mark Preston explains, “At the core of this initiative is the belief that the best learning happens through active engagement and collaboration. It’s about fostering a collaborative space where teams can learn, innovate, and grow together, working towards common goals and tangible results,”

Key Features of the ‘Training by Doing’ Initiative:

  1. On-Site Interactive Learning: Providing hands-on guidance directly within the workplace to facilitate real-time skill development.
  2. Active Engagement Philosophy: Encouraging a dynamic approach to learning, where participants actively contribute to shaping strategies and solutions.
  3. Customised Strategies: Crafting strategies tailored to meet the specific goals and industry needs of individual companies.
  4. Process Enhancement and Innovation: Collaboratively refining processes to achieve sustainable growth and increased productivity.
  5. Practical Marketing Education: Integrating real-world elements into training modules, with a special focus on SEO and growth strategies.
  6. Continuous Collaboration: Supporting ongoing partnerships to nurture long-term success and sustained growth.

An Exclusive Opportunity for Forward-Thinking UK Businesses

This forward-looking initiative presents a valuable opportunity for UK businesses eager to revitalise their approach to corporate success. It champions real-world learning experiences that align with the ever-evolving landscape of contemporary business.

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