Man City takes on the Premier League

Manchester City Takes Premier League to Court Over Associated Party Transaction Rules

Manchester City, one of the top clubs in the Premier League, has filed a lawsuit against the league over its current Associated Party Transaction (APT) rules. These rules dictate whether sponsorship deals are deemed financially ‘fair’ and require independent valuation for such deals.

The APT rules were put in place to prevent clubs from inflating sponsorship deals with companies connected to their owners, in order to maintain fair competition. However, Manchester City’s owners, who hail from Abu Dhabi, argue that these rules restrict their ability to raise revenue and are therefore unlawful and discriminatory.

The club’s argument is that sponsors, including those with ties to their Abu Dhabi ownership, should be free to set sponsorship prices without any limitations. This legal action has been initiated by Manchester City in an effort to protect their financial interests and challenge the APT rules.

Sky News’ business correspondent Paul Kelso joins Niall Paterson to provide insight into the reasons behind Manchester City’s legal action and the potential consequences it could have for the Premier League. Listeners can stay updated on this developing story by subscribing to the Sky News Daily podcast on their preferred platform.

The podcast’s production is overseen by producer Emma Rae Woodhouse and promotions producer Jada-Kai Meosa John, with editing by Philly Beaumont.

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