LTNM Up 200% After DigiFinex Boost

Last Updated on: 21st November 2023, 09:18 pm

Bitcoin Latinum (LTNM) is now listed on the Digifinex exchange.
Followers of the cryptocurrency saw it open over 200 percent in its first hour trading on the platform.
This, along with the fact that it is both asset-backed and insured, has led to many citing LTNM as the ‘next generation cryptocurrency’.
Landing on DigiFinex, a platform that has over 4 million global users, is just the latest in a stream of positive developments for the cryptocurrency.
Monsoon Blockchain, Bitcoin Latinum’s lead developer, gave the crypto a further boost by announcing plans for it to be listed on seven top-tier public exchanges.
As well as DigiFinex, it will list on HitCTC, FMFW, Changelly, Changelly Pro, Bitmart and It is hoped that it will be available on all of these platforms by the end of 2021.
With Elon Musk’s comments on the need for crypto to be more environmentally friendly still ringing in the ears of investors, it should also be noted that LTNM is a greener alternative to Bitcoin.
According to a statement from LTNM, this is due to an intricate system they have in place. The statement reads: “Utilizing its advanced Proof of Stake (PoS) mechanism, LTNM holders will earn rewards for holding their coins as collateral to stake on the Bitcoin Latinum network. This leads to less electricity consumption. LTNM reduces the energy consumption to only 0.00015 kWh per transaction.”
Built as an open-architecture cryptocurrency technology, LTNM also prides itself on its security, its asset management capabilities, and its ability to handle large transactions.
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