Lion Trust Wins Acclaimed Best Private Equity Service Provider Award in Singapore

Last Updated on: 22nd November 2023, 12:25 pm

In a remarkable achievement for the investment sector, Lion Trust has been honoured with the Best Private Equity Service Provider award in Singapore. This award is a testament to the firm’s dedication to democratising the realm of sophisticated investment options, offering retail investors the same access to Private Equity Investments and IPOs as Institutional Investors and Ultra High Net Worth Individuals.

This prestigious recognition marks a milestone in Lion Trust’s journey to reshape the investment landscape, democratizing access for investors of all financial backgrounds to exclusive and profitable investment opportunities.

James Grosvenor, CEO of Lion Trust, expressed his delight in the achievement, saying, “We are delighted to be the recipients of such a coveted award. This recognition is a testament to our unwavering commitment to providing retail investors with access to opportunities that are typically exclusive to institutional and high-net-worth investors. At Lion Trust, we firmly believe that every investor deserves the best information to make money, and we are dedicated to serving the retail market, ensuring that even investors without a million dollars to spare can benefit from our expertise.”

Under Grosvenor’s leadership, Lion Trust has risen as a key player in the global investment arena, with its headquarters in Singapore and a network of offices and resources across the world. The firm’s commitment to serving a diverse investor base aligns with its mission of empowering investors with essential tools and opportunities in the fast-paced financial world.

Grosvenor continued, “Lion Trust is not just a financial services provider; it’s a commitment to excellence and inclusivity in the world of investments. Our global presence allows us to extend our reach and resources, ensuring that investors around the world can benefit from our cutting-edge services.”

The Best Private Equity Service Provider award cements Lion Trust’s status as a leading entity in the investment industry, emphasising its dedication to offering unparalleled services globally. With an eye on the future, Lion Trust remains dedicated to innovation, inclusivity, and delivering exceptional value to its clientele.

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