Leadership in the Spotlight: Unpacking the Significance of Ego in a Groundbreaking Book

New book explores the role of ego in leadership, written by Partner at Korn Ferry James Woodcock. “Ego Flip” challenges conventional views and offers a radical new paradigm for leaders.

Woodcock argues that understanding one’s own ego is crucial for effective leadership. Without this self-awareness, leaders risk being controlled by their ego rather than leading with intention. In “Ego Flip,” Woodcock presents seven questions to help leaders understand their ego and offers seven tools to transform their leadership.

According to Woodcock, “We are entering a new and profound era of change, and it is imperative that leaders have a deep understanding of themselves in order to lead effectively.” With this in mind, he presents a new leadership manifesto consisting of eight conscious imperatives that offer a new vision for transcending the ego. This provides a pathway for leaders to reimagine what great leadership really means.

The book has already received high praise from leadership experts, including L. David Marquet, author of “Turn the Ship Around” and “Leadership is Language.” Marquet says, “Ego Flip earns my highest praise. It got me thinking. In this cerebral tract, Woodcock cracks a door open where we can begin to understand how our own sense of ‘us’ may not be what we think it is.”

Woodcock is a Partner in Korn Ferry’s Leadership and Professional Development Practice and has over 20 years of experience helping leaders fulfill their potential. “Ego Flip” will be available in paperback and e-book on 14 March 2024, published by LID Publishing.

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