Home workout app FizzUp, is pushing out a new fitness plan to help people get moving  around the world with the current COVID-19 lockdown many of us are dealing with at this uncertain time.

The new plan features a set of tailor-made services to help you but those excess calories or reach any fitness goal in mind.

FizzUp brings you 200 workout programs and over 1,000 exercise videos. FizzUp also includes yoga sessions and nutritional support to optimize your results.

The app is home to a whopping 5 million users across France and around the world, it’s one of the most popular and leading fitness apps in the home workout sector.


FizzUp is available for download for iOS devices via the Apple Store and for Android devices via Google Play. FizzUp is also designed for tablets and Apple Watch. You can also sign up for FizzUp via our website at www.fizzup.com/en.


You can also do a few of FizzUp’s Single Workouts outside of your program if you feel like building your own workout.

Keeping its users motivated by rewarding them for working out regularly is what makes FizzUp unique. For every workout you do on time, you’ll earn 1 Rhythm point. A user’s Rhythm score quickly becomes a strong motivator that encourages them to stick with their program and turn exercise into a solid everyday habit.