Jo Brand and Henry Bird of The Great British Bake Off Team Up with International Animal Rescue to Raise Awareness for World Wildlife Day 2024 with “Cakes for Apes” Campaign

International Animal Rescue (IAR) has launched their “Cakes for Apes” campaign, with the support of notable figures, to raise awareness for wildlife conservation. The campaign, backed by comedian and host of the Great British Bake Offs Extra Slice, Jo Brand, aims to educate the public on the vital connection between wildlife, nature, and climate.

Brand stated, “Whether you’re a business, a teacher, or a parent, we need your help to show the next generation how they can take care of our planet and the importance of protecting wildlife. Cakes for Apes is a great opportunity to share IAR’s message with young people and raise funds to support the animals. We would love for everyone to take part.”

Schools are invited to participate in the “Cakes for Apes” appeal, encouraging students to bake and raise money for the cause. The campaign highlights the story of Budi, an orangutan rescued by IAR from a tiny chicken cage and now thriving in a forest school. This success story showcases the positive impact of rehabilitation and release efforts.

To get involved, schools can sign up for a fundraising pack at Additionally, IAR offers educational resources tailored for assemblies and beyond, aimed at empowering communities with knowledge and encouraging active participation in conserving wildlife and their habitats. These resources can be downloaded for free at

Former Great British Bake Off contestant, Henry Bird, has also joined the cause. Known for his appearance as the youngest competitor on series 19, Bird has transitioned his passion for baking to a broader mission of advocating for animal welfare and environmental conservation. He said, “I’ve always loved animals, the environment, and baking, and I want to make a positive impact. Cakes for Apes gives me a fun way to contribute and raise awareness about the critical need to protect rainforests and the animals that depend on them. It also helps to raise funds to support the animals and educate future generations.”

IAR Indonesia is at the forefront of initiatives to rescue and rehabilitate orangutans, as well as safeguard their habitats through a comprehensive landscape conservation project. This project involves protecting forests, promoting sustainable farming, reforesting areas, and creating tree corridors to enable orangutans to move freely and safely between protected areas.

Education and outreach programs are crucial in inspiring change within local communities and worldwide. By fostering awareness and understanding, IAR aims to create a shared responsibility for the well-being of our planet and its inhabitants.

All funds raised through the “Cakes for Apes” campaign will go towards IAR’s rescue, rehabilitation, and release efforts, as well as education, reforestation, and protection initiatives. To learn more about IAR and their work, visit

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