Your iPhone may not be as safe as you think it is, a new study as shown.

A study from Danish security experts, PrivacySharks, has revealed that iPhones are among the most hacked smartphones on the market. In fact, it estimates that the Apple product is around 230 times more likely to be hacked than a Nokia device.

Alarmingly, the study also revealed that online searches for how to hack an iPhone have increased dramatically over the past number of years.

In terms of apps that are being targeted, Instagram and Snapchat are currently the hackers’ favourites, while Facebook and WhatsApp are next on their list.

The company, which has been working in this sphere for a decade now, recommends strong password security to avoid such instances. They also suggested using a VPN if you are using a public network, never re-using passwords, and making sure all software is completely up to date.

A statement from PrivacySharks discussed the study and their place within the market as a protector.

It read: “By practicing security as our profession for more than 10 years, we have developed unique skills and expertise that make us an excellent partner to help organizations stay ahead of the latest developments in digital security.”