“Introducing BIGTXN’s Groundbreaking Guide to Managing Sanctioned Securities”

London, United Kingdom – BIGTXN, a leading UK-based compliance and financial data provider, has announced the release of the industry’s first comprehensive guide to sanctioned securities and best practices. The handbook, titled “Navigating Compliance: Guide to Sanctioned Securities,” was written by Jeff Teahan, a sanctions product specialist at BIGTXN, in collaboration with Dow Jones Risk & Compliance, Baker McKenzie, and the Association of Certified Sanctions Specialists (ACSS).

This groundbreaking handbook equips compliance professionals in the financial services industry with essential tools to navigate the complex global sanctions landscape. Leveraging their expertise and partnerships with industry leaders, BIGTXN aims to demystify financial sanctions and empower practitioners to proactively mitigate risks and ensure compliance. The handbook is supported by a survey of compliance professionals and industry insights, providing immediate practical value for sanctions and compliance practitioners.

“We are excited to present the ‘Navigating Compliance’ handbook, a pioneering initiative that addresses a crucial knowledge gap in the financial services industry,” said Haider Mannan, CEO of BIGTXN. “This guide, unparalleled in its scope, is a testament to our commitment to providing cutting-edge resources for compliance professionals.”

Key highlights of the handbook include:

– Unprecedented detail: The handbook is the first of its kind, providing financial services professionals with an unparalleled understanding of sanctioned securities and offering practical insights to ensure compliance.
– Expert collaboration: Crafted in collaboration with industry leaders Dow Jones Risk & Compliance, Baker McKenzie, and ACSS, the handbook brings together the collective expertise of renowned organizations to deliver a complete picture.
– Best practice guide: Backed by real-world case studies and data, the handbook goes beyond theoretical concepts, providing practitioners with actionable insights and a best practice guide to navigate the dynamic sanctions landscape.
– Made by experts for experts: Tailored for compliance professionals in investment banks, hedge funds, asset managers, and related sectors, the handbook addresses the specific challenges faced by financial institutions in ensuring regulatory compliance.

As financial institutions grapple with increasing reporting obligations and a lack of clear guidance, “Navigating Compliance: Guide to Sanctioned Securities” emerges as a beacon of clarity and a crucial resource for professionals seeking to stay ahead in the rapidly changing sanctions landscape.

Michael Heller, Head of Financial Crime Proposition at Dow Jones Risk & Compliance, stated, “Dow Jones Risk & Compliance exists to help compliance professionals mitigate the challenges associated with sanctions compliance data, especially in regards to volume and complexity. We are delighted to partner with BIGTXN on this handbook to drive further progress in understanding and addressing these challenges in the context of financial instruments.”

Sven Bates, Counsel for International Trade at Baker McKenzie, said, “As the breadth and complexity of sanctions continues to expand with speed across multiple jurisdictions, there is a growing need for sharing knowledge and learnings across multiple communities. This handbook provides users with a range of insights into the implementation and application of sanctions in practical contexts to help develop awareness and contribute to industry best practices.”

Anna Sayre, Programs Director at ACSS, added, “We are pleased to support this initiative, which strives to be a practical, easy-to-use resource for sanctions professionals worldwide. It is our hope that the book will serve to drive standards of best practice across the industry and make the important work of the sanctions community that much simpler.”

A copy of the handbook can be downloaded here: https://bit.ly/sanctions-sec-handbook

For further information, please contact:

FAO: Press Office – hello@bigtxn.com

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BIGTXN is a leading provider of securities data solutions for financial services firms, enabling them to stay compliant with sanctions regulations. By utilizing cutting-edge technologies, BIGTXN seamlessly connects disparate datasets to create the most comprehensive securities data. Investors can now navigate the financial landscape with confidence, gaining a crystal-clear understanding of the products and assets they are investing in. BIGTXN is actively transforming the securities landscape, giving clients the power to know like never before.

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