Innovative Theory and Book Suggest Misused Reproductive Drives Fuel Global Increase in Extremism Amidst COVID

Last Updated on: 12th December 2023, 05:50 pm

“Sex On the Wrong Brain,” both a book and a website, propose a controversial idea: that deep-rooted societal issues like sexism, racism, and authoritarianism stem from misplaced reproductive urges, with a solution potentially lying in enhanced sex education.

Author Ard Falten boldly states, “When the health agencies of New York City and Australian states NSW and Queensland suggested masturbation as a safe sex alternative during the COVID pandemic they should have specified which hand to use.”

The book introduces Sex on the wrong brain (SOWB) as a groundbreaking theory, suggesting that the hand used in sexual activities is crucial to societal behaviour. It blames the use of the right hand for centuries of greed, authoritarianism, patriarchy, and warfare, implicating it in the current global warming crisis.

Falton declares, “COVID-19 was a mass sex on the wrong brain event.” He attributes the pandemic’s acceleration of authoritarian practices to the repression of sexual expression and control over women and reproductive rights.

Central to the theory is the idea that using the right hand, linked to the left brain hemisphere, wrongly associates reproductive urges with left-brain functions, which are meant to be patient and objective.

Three primary symptoms are outlined:

  1. Sexual energy influencing mental processes leads to hasty conclusions and simplistic solutions.
  2. An association of sex with quantitative aspects leads to increased greed and materialistic tendencies.
  3. Misdirection of reproductive energy results in heightened sexual dysfunction.

The website links authoritarianism to the Uncertainty Avoidance Index, introducing Certainty Deficit Disorder (CDD) as a cause for extreme and anti-democratic behaviour.

The theory explains authoritarianism through the certainty/uncertainty dynamic:

  • As the desire for certainty grows, so does the fear of uncertainty, diversity, and unpredictability.
  • Certainty is often valued over truth.
  • Authoritarian leaders’ decisiveness and confidence are mistaken for intelligence and strength.
  • To establish certainty, authoritarian ideologies simplify the world into binary oppositions, leading to intolerance and radicalism.
  • Complex issues like global warming are often denied or oversimplified.
  • The value of certainty from authoritarian figures increases with chaos and uncertainty.

The website argues that associating sex with punishment and guilt aids authoritarian societies in creating thought patterns that divert reproductive energy towards justifying false certainties, promoting dishonesty and sexual dysfunction.

Key points from include:

  • Factors influencing SOWB levels.
  • Why females generally exhibit less SOWB.
  • Potential implications for artificial intelligence.
  • The increase of SOWB with age and its consequences.
  • The impact of ancestral background and civilisation age on SOWB.
  • The influence of culture, social stratification, discrimination, and religion on SOWB.
  • The role of SOWB in triggering violence and mental illness.
  • The evolutionary history and implications of SOWB.

Falten notes, “There’s evidence that some of our ancestors knew about sex on the wrong brain. It may seem wacky and even outrageous to some but there are wide-ranging implications for democracy and progress. For instance, if artificial intelligence is based on human thinking, can it get sex on the wrong brain too?”

To appeal to a broader audience, the SOWB theory is woven into a science fiction adventure comedy screenplay. The book has been praised by Simon Barrett: “Yes, I like ‘Sex On the Wrong Brain’ a lot. If you like Douglas Adams and don’t mind a few ‘smutty’ bits, you will enjoy this book.” It has also been a finalist in multiple screenplay contests.

The book is available for purchase from major online retailers, including Amazon.

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