Innovative AI-Powered Software Training for Microsoft Dynamics to be Unveiled at Community Summit 2023

Last Updated on: 22nd November 2023, 06:27 am

As the world of enterprise software evolves, ClickLearn, the leading digital adoption platform, is set to revolutionise software training with the introduction of the groundbreaking User Experience Panel. This innovative tool, set to be unveiled at the Community Summit North America conference in Charlotte, North Carolina, promises to redefine the landscape of software training through the power of AI, offering users an unparalleled learning experience tailored to their specific needs and challenges.

The event serves as the launchpad for this exciting development, and attendees will be among the first to witness the future of AI in software training. This advancement is poised to eliminate the need for extensive months-long training and instead empowers employees to be productive from day one.

Joachim Schiermacher, from ClickLearn, states, “We’re bringing a new paradigm to the learning of software. Say goodbye to months of training and say hello to productive employees from day one.”

The User Experience Panel is designed to enable both new and existing employees to enhance their corporate knowledge by providing in-the-moment learning within the software system. In many instances, these AI-driven advancements in software training will render the act of seeking assistance from colleagues a thing of the past.

At the Community Summit North America in Charlotte, ClickLearn will showcase several exciting features, including an AI-driven help chat that delivers precise and authoritative knowledge on any company- or software-specific topic relevant to employees.

The upcoming ClickLearn User Experience Panel represents a significant leap forward in software training technology and addresses the challenges faced by end-users dealing with constant changes in today’s ever-expanding enterprise app landscape.

With the introduction of this new suite of capabilities, ClickLearn emerges as a pioneer, offering cutting-edge, AI-driven, contextually immersive, and non-disruptive learning experiences for enterprise software users. These additions empower users to acquire knowledge precisely when they need it, seamlessly integrating learning into their workflow with a single system across the technology stack.

ClickLearn’s digital adoption platform has long been acknowledged for its unmatched ability to automate processes related to recording, capturing, creating, and updating documentation and software training materials. The inclusion of this new set of AI-driven, end-user-centric features further solidifies ClickLearn’s position at the forefront of digital adoption platforms and sets a new industry standard.

Martin Flensborg, Chief Commercial Officer at ClickLearn, highlights the significance of the User Experience Panel, stating, “The launch of the UXP (User Experience Panel) marks a major milestone for software training. With these AI-driven features, users can finally learn in the moment of need, right within the flow of their daily work. We’re proud to unveil this revolutionary technology at Community Summit North America.”

The User Experience Panel delivers the following benefits:

  • Personalised in-app guidance and videos on optimal system usage.
  • Conceptual information tailored to a company-specific level according to job function, including policies, values, and other relevant data.
  • An AI-powered virtual colleague capable of providing guidance on when and how to perform tasks correctly.
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