Innovation-Powered Maltese Company Buddy Unveils Cutting-Edge Payroll Software in London

Maltese startup Buddy has announced its official launch in London, marking a significant milestone in the company’s mission to revolutionize payroll management. With its innovative platform and user-focused technology, Buddy is set to transform the payroll landscape in one of Europe’s largest markets.

Led by visionary founders with a shared commitment to reshaping payroll management, Buddy has leveraged its successful experience in Malta to prepare for the complexities and opportunities of the UK market. Over the past three years, the company has closely collaborated with leading companies in both Malta and the UK to gather essential insights and tailor a product that truly meets modern needs. Unlike legacy systems that have struggled to adapt, Buddy’s platform is built from the ground up to be agile and responsive to today’s payroll challenges.

“We are excited to bring something unique to the UK – a payroll solution that not only meets but exceeds the needs of modern businesses,” commented Jonathan Mifsud, Chief Technology Officer of Buddy. “Our focus is on providing technology that enhances productivity and simplifies compliance across the board.”

Buddy’s platform offers innovative features such as EverRoll™ and AccuPay™ technologies, which allow businesses to manage payroll with efficiency and ease. With cloud technology, the platform is accessible from anywhere, making it a scalable solution for remote payroll management.

CEO of Buddy, David Seisun, expressed the company’s excitement about entering the UK market. “This is a major milestone in our growth journey. We are thrilled to bring our innovative solutions to a new market and look forward to making a significant impact in the payroll industry here.”

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