Ingenious Concrete Thermal Battery: Woman Heats Neighbors’ Homes During Winter Blackout

Last Updated on: 22nd November 2023, 07:56 pm

Amidst a harsh winter blackout, an inspiring story of resilience and innovation unfolded in Vermont as one resident utilised a groundbreaking concrete thermal battery to not only keep her own home warm but also provide comfort to her neighbors.

The resident, a valued client of the family-owned company Green Wave Distribution, harnessed the power of their low-voltage radiant heating system known as STEP HEAT. Unlike traditional heating methods, STEP HEAT harnesses the inherent properties of concrete slabs, transforming them into thermal batteries capable of storing and gradually releasing heat.

Drew Mauro, the Operations Manager leading the team at Green Wave, expressed his delight, saying, “Our client in upstate Vermont experienced a week-long power outage during an extreme cold spell. However, thanks to the heat stored in her concrete slab, she was able to maintain a comfortable temperature of 68 degrees Fahrenheit for over 3 days.”

Her home became a warm refuge for her neighbors, as conventional oil and gas heating systems struggled to withstand the frigid temperatures. Powered by the innovative thermal battery, her home stood as a beacon of warmth and resilience in the midst of the biting cold.

STEP HEAT operates at an impressive energy efficiency of only 3-4 watts per square foot, significantly lower than conventional methods. This efficiency leads to substantial energy and cost savings. Additionally, the system capitalises on off-peak hours by storing excess heat, allowing for optimised heat distribution and reduced electricity costs.

By leveraging the concept of thermal mass, the concrete slab acts as a reservoir when combined with the radiant heating system, efficiently storing excess heat during times of lower electricity rates. This stored heat can then be gradually released, ensuring a comfortable and consistent indoor climate.

Mauro further explained the benefits of transforming concrete slabs into thermal batteries, stating, “This approach offers numerous advantages, including enhanced energy efficiency, consistent comfort, reduced operating costs, durability, reliability, and space optimisation by eliminating the need for additional heating equipment.”

With estimated energy savings of 40-50% compared to traditional heating methods, this Vermont resident’s experience serves as a shining testament to how Green Wave Distribution‘s innovative thermal battery concept can revolutionise heating solutions and provide warmth to communities, even in the face of power outages.

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