Impressive Expansion: Osbourne Pinner’s High Net Worth Divorce Service

Last Updated on: 22nd November 2023, 01:22 am

Osbourne Pinner, one of London’s leading law firms, has witnessed remarkable expansion in its High Net Worth Divorce service, establishing it as one of the largest in the region.

With offices in Piccadilly Circus and Harrow, Osbourne Pinner boasts an unparalleled reputation across various legal domains where they advocate for their clients. Their specialized service caters to individuals with substantial wealth navigating the complexities of divorce.

The High Net Worth and Ultra High Net Worth divorce service offered by Osbourne Pinner has experienced significant growth in recent years, solidifying the firm’s position as a premier solicitor in this specialized field throughout London. The firm’s team of Family and Divorce Law Solicitors operates on a fixed fee basis, ensuring transparency and eliminating hidden costs associated with their invaluable legal expertise.

High Net Worth divorces typically involve couples with a combined net worth exceeding £1 million. These cases often entail intricate financial and legal intricacies, necessitating expert legal guidance and representation.

In addition to the complexities inherent in standard divorces, high net worth divorces introduce legal, commercial, and financial considerations that are not typically encountered in ordinary divorce proceedings.

Key issues in high net worth divorces encompass aspects such as the international lifestyle of many high net worth individuals and the ensuing complexity of their assets, which may include both onshore and offshore trusts and structures. Expertise in international jurisdiction becomes imperative to ensure the equitable and efficient division of offshore assets, taking into account factors such as enforcement and taxation.

High net worth divorce cases can also raise concerns regarding the nondisclosure of assets. Assessing the value of assets begins early in the process to account for the possibility of undisclosed assets or assets held in offshore trusts, where unlocking information may take time.

Osbourne Pinner provides comprehensive support to clients in unraveling these intricate arrangements, including seeking disclosures in foreign territories and establishing if a spouse possesses undisclosed substantial resources.

Furthermore, high net worth divorces must consider any pre- and/or postnuptial agreements that may be in place. While such agreements are not legally binding in the UK during divorce proceedings, they can be influential and enforceable if disputes arise, making it crucial for Osbourne Pinner’s expert team to identify existing agreements early in discussions with high net worth divorce clients.

In addition, high net worth divorces may entail discussions about child custody, child support, and maintenance, including school fees. These discussions can be emotionally challenging, and Osbourne Pinner’s team offers expert support through the child arrangement order process, guiding clients towards clarity and informed decisions.

Rashmika Mehta, Head of Family Law at Osbourne Pinner, commented: “We are thrilled to witness the growth of this essential service, and it is gratifying to see Osbourne Pinner recognized throughout the region for the quality of our High Net Worth divorce service.”

She added, “High net worth divorces introduce additional complexity to proceedings, and the stakes are often much higher due to the intricate financial affairs involved. This demands expert legal advice, representation, and support at every stage, making it advisable to enlist a legal expert in this complex area of divorce law.”

Osbourne Pinner advocates for the use of arbitration, mediation, and collaboration in high net worth divorce cases, striving to reach favorable outcomes without resorting to court litigation.

The firm’s expert team is well-versed in No-Fault Divorce, a legal option available since 2022. No-fault divorce allows couples to end their marriages or civil partnerships without assigning blame to either party. Although less common among high net worth individuals, couples seeking an amicable separation can rely on Osbourne Pinner’s expertise to navigate this process.

Osbourne Pinner’s skilled team also possesses experience in same-sex high net worth divorces, Islamic divorces under Sharia law, and the nuanced cultural and religious aspects inherent in such cases.

Rashmika concluded, “We understand that divorce can be emotionally draining, and it can be challenging to make clear decisions about settlement terms. As a specialist high net worth divorce law firm, Osbourne Pinner boasts a strong track record and the legal expertise to represent high and ultra-high net worth individuals through these legal processes.”

With their trusted and dynamic approach, Osbourne Pinner ensures optimal outcomes, regardless of the complexity of assets and structures involved in divorce proceedings.

Osbourne Pinner offers free consultations for high net worth individuals seeking divorce and in need of expert solicitor support. Appointments can be booked through the firm’s web contact form.

For more information about Osbourne Pinner, please visit their website.

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