How to select the perfect commercial fridge for your business

Last Updated on: 22nd November 2023, 04:19 pm

Investing in a good commercial fridge unit is necessary for the success of businesses within the food industry. From cafes to restaurants and supermarkets, food businesses of all sizes will require commercial fridges such as walk in fridges and meat chillers. Unlike residential fridges, most commercial fridge units feature heavier compressors to withstand rough usage, ensuring improved cooling capacities for effective preservation and storing of prepared foods, ingredients and stock.
However, there are several considerations which businesses must factor when selecting the perfect commercial refrigeration unit to match your exact requirements:

Energy efficiency

One of the flaws of commercial fridges is that they tend to feature high running costs. As such, it’s important to pay close attention to the energy efficiency star rating of whichever refrigeration unit you are considering for your business. By selecting an energy efficient commercial fridge, this will help reduce any running costs which businesses may incur from utilising these heavy duty refrigerators.


Whilst in the market for a new commercial fridge, no doubt you will come across a plethora of different styles. It is imperative that you look for units which best meet your businesses precise storage requirements. A supermarket would need a larger refrigeration unit that comes with glass display to effectively store food products, as well as putting them out on display.
Additionally, different refrigeration units will also feature varying levels of cooling insulation. For example, while glass door refrigeration units are an excellent choice for supermarkets due to the reasons highlighted above, they are not ideally suited for cooling or insulation. This is because there is a thin barrier between the inner and outer parts which result in easier heat transfers.
By comparison, a solid door commercial fridge will provide businesses with much better insulation levels due to the limited heat transfers from outside to inside. As such, they are ideal for storing perishable food products as temperatures remain balanced.


Choosing a commercial refrigeration unit from a reliable manufacturer will ensure that your business will have invested money wisely. Because the quality of services which you provide customers will rely on how reliable tools and appliance that your business use, it’s always best to look out for a reputable and respected brand such as Daikin.
By investing in a commercial fridge from a leading brand, this will also help reduce any potential risks of equipment failure than opting for a unit from cheaper brand.


It is recommended that before purchasing a fridge unit, businesses take some time to carry out careful space planning to access how much space is available on your premises. For example, if you do not have capacity for swinging doors, perhaps it would be wise to consider selecting a model with sliding doors instead. Also pay attention to the entrance which leads to wherever you plan on keeping your commercial fridge whilst carrying out space planning.


Finally, establish a clear budget for your business to know what type of commercial refrigeration unit is within your price range. If you are operating on a limited budget, it might be beneficial to weigh up the pros and cons of selecting a lesser known brand over a well-known brand. Despite the initial cost of buying a refrigeration unit from a leading manufacturer, eventual maintenance expenses on a monthly or yearly basis might outweigh any initial costs in the long-term.
To ensure that costs are kept to a minimum, investing in a service plan from a reliable commercial refrigeration equipment supplier would also contribute to effectively managing expenses for the long-term running of your unit and long-term success for your business.

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