How to Host a Sports Day Team Bonding Experience for Less

Last Updated on: 22nd November 2023, 01:21 pm

Team bonding plays a crucial role in how your employees work together. They need to feel like they’re not just co-workers. This doesn’t mean they need to be friends, but they do need to be a team. Teams work together towards a common goal and will organize themselves so that each of their strengths is used to reach their goal. Co-workers that aren’t a team simply try to work around each other.

While there are many team bonding exercise options in the office, sometimes you’re going to want to take your efforts outside. Not only can hosting a sports day be great for team building, but it can also be a great morale booster and help encourage a healthy lifestyle. When employees are fit and active, they tend to be more energetic and even better thinkers – and that’s just because of the increase of oxygen to their brains.

In short, hosting a sports day can be a great way to bring your employees together. It can, however, get expensive, which is why you’ll want to use these top tips to keep costs low:


Choose a Select Few Sports

Unless you manage a massive company that hires thousands of employees, you’ll want to limit the number of sports you host on your sports day. Three is a good number for most companies, while a single sport is a better fit for small businesses. Try to stick with the easiest options that require relatively minimal equipment to get up and running to save both on costs and time.

Getting the Necessary Equipment for Less

You will need to get a few things in order to give your sports day a green light. A soccer ball, a bat, a glove, and even protective equipment are all examples of what you’d possibly need. You can get these items for less in one of two ways. The first is to look up online and see if your store has a coupon code before you check out. Some brands even allow for coupon stacking, so you can add more discounts on top of each other. For example, you can get a baseball bat, glove, and a few bits of basic safety equipment from Paragon Sports and then save by adding a Paragon Sports coupon before you pay.

The second option is to rent. If you’re renting out a diamond pitch, for example, there is a chance that the center operating the pitch has things like helmets and other protective equipment. You can then rent this out for your employees to keep everyone safe.


Pool Together Home Resources

Work with your employees! Chances are they already have some equipment right at home. You can work out what your people have and then organize your sports day around that to help you save further. If you need to buy anything, keep that for the next year and make this into a yearly tradition that encourages teamwork and exercise.

By narrowing down your options, making it tradition, using coupons, and renting or borrowing what you need, you can easily host this event for next to nothing. In some cases, you can host this event in your local park free of charge. For larger events, of course, you’ll need to rent it out. All of these costs can be easily accommodated for as part of the perks package.

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