How to Give Your Office a More Professional Look and Feel

Last Updated on: 22nd November 2023, 08:01 pm

Have you recently secured new office space for your company? Maybe you aren’t in new space, rather you’ve been in the same space for years now and it’s starting to show wear and tear. Creating a professional looking office space isn’t just about setting the right tone for customers and clients who come into the space; it’s also about creating an environment that feels professional for your employees – the very engine of the business. So, if your office is in need of a professional makeover, here are some basic tips you can follow.

Start with a Deep Cleaning

A great place to get started is with a professional deep cleaning. This is more than just a casual dusting and vacuuming; this is about giving all the surfaces in the office a good and thorough disinfectant and/or cleaning. It’s best to hire a professional cleaning service to do this job, as it will be time consuming, and it’s likely you don’t want to lug all the necessary cleaning tools to the building.

Deep cleaning of businesses and commercial buildings is something that SMC Premier specialises in, regardless of the size of the business. You can explore their service here and ensure they live up to a high-quality standard each and every time they clean. For those who may just be re-opening after coronavirus closures, this deep cleaning and disinfecting will be even more important to ensure that no traces of virus are left on any surfaces.

Make Sure Nothing Is in Need of Repairs

The next tip is to do a walk-through of the space, looking for any areas that need repairs. These repairs should be tended to immediately, as it takes away from the sense of professionalism if things are broken, falling apart, or looking worse for wear.

Give the Office a Fresh Coat of Paint

Just like in your home, a fresh coat of paint can do wonders for your office space too. It can transform the space to make it feel brighter, lighter, more modern, inviting, and more professional looking. As for which colours work best in an office, they tend to be light blue, pastel yellow, teal, purple, grey, or a blue-grey. Not only do these look inviting, but they are all colours that can help boost productivity and focus.

Ensure You Have Professional Looking Signage

Signage will also help to add to the professional atmosphere of the office. There will need to be clearly visible signs that indicate the name of your company. Obviously, this will be useful for clients and customers who are trying to locate your office.

You May Want to Think About a Dress Code

The final tip can be a bit controversial if you’ve never enforced a dress code, but the fact is that it can help add professionalism in the space. You can even opt for business-casual, which obviously has a more casual and comfortable vibe but is still office-appropriate and professional looking.

By following these simple tips, you’ll be able to create that professional office space you’ve been looking for.

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