IMVU is a virtual world that makes real life come to play using avatar based social networks. Users of the platform can make videos, chat, go shopping, and do many rejuvenating things to throw away the boredom.

The platform was introduced in 2014 and has reached new heights in recent years. Users invest an average of 55 minutes of their day at the website to design their avatars, hang out with friends, and have cool parties and a lot of amazing stuff.

But most attractive is the credits that users get at IMVU. They can have free and paid IMVU credits and access online facilities. Here, we have how to get money on IMVU to make it fun while enjoying the services of IMVU.

Earn Money at IMVU

At IMVU, earning money is not a big task; users can easily earn free credits through a range of services. For example, there is an earn free money offer that IMVU provides to the users.

The only thing they need to do is register, open their account, connect their payment method and get a payout, although it needs a minimum of a $50 balance. Similar way, the virtual network has a lot of offers awaiting.

We have analysed the best ways to get money on IMVU and make it worth a use. So, let’s analyse what could be done on IMVU to earn money:


To get free credits online for IMVU, users can download websites that offer money for the same. There are many such sites like that allow users to register and do small tasks to get credits for free.

Isn’t it easy to get money for answering surveys, playing games, or doing certain works that earn money.

The companies provide rewards to the users as well for registering with them in credits or money. A simple way to make money on IMVU.

Spin Game

Daily spin games are a fabulous way to earn free credits at IMVU. It is like a lottery for spinning a wheel that helps users earn points. Users earn credits and purchase online services at IMVU to make good use of the money.

Users are allowed to spin the wheel once in 24 hours, and they can have 10 to 15 credits at a time. The method is slow but is a convenient free way to make money online.

Playing Games

Other than the spin wheel, there are many games that users can play to earn money on IMVU. However, these games may have some subscription fees, to begin with, but they are a great source to make money.

Users can get membership, pay charges and play games to earn. Even the sites have login bonuses or credits for the users, which makes it much easier to get money on IMVU. Examples of such games are Roblox, Hobbo, Lady Parlour, etc.

Selling Items

Quite an interesting way to make money at IMVU is by selling various items online. Users can create their shop through online platforms like Roblox or any other. Designs, work, paintings, and such stuff can be displayed online for sell.

It is a cheap and convenient way to get money on IMVU 3D social network.

Visiting Locations

In visiting locations, users create their places online, and when someone visits that place, they earn money. In the same way, when they visit other places, they get a reward in the form of money.

Consequently, a double road to make money on IMVU. There are many platforms that could be used online to do this task of earning money.

Tasks on IMVU

Completing tasks online at IMVU is another significant way to get money. Users have three tasks to do at IMVU, including:

  • Watching videos
  • Answering surveys
  • Completing the offers

The user who completes the task easily gets the money. The videos at IMVU are sponsored and get users 6 credits for watching one video; in this way, users can make good points in a short time.

The completion of offers could be subscribing to apps or websites online given. These are mostly the partners of the IMVU website, and similar tasks or things are given to get credits.

Moreover, users can earn rewards for watching videos, get login rewards, do tasks, etc. Thus, users can easily get money on IMVU regularly by completing the work given to them.


IMVU is a virtual network, and users who want to get money through the website can do that smoothly by registering with them and doing the tasks assigned. As discussed in the article, there are several tasks that are available for the same.

Users can register with websites to earn credits, play games, spin the wheel game, sell items online, visit locations, or complete tasks on IMVU to make money. Similarly, there is much other work that can be done to get money on IMVU.

A must have social network that is exciting and earning as well. Users won’t get bored and can activate themselves by being part of such virtual platforms.