Bitcoin Cryptocurrency is the fully digital currency and the currency of the advanced world. Bitcoin is the free currency, free currency in this sense no one has authority on it. Anyone can use this currency for any purpose without any convenience. Day by day bitcoin is getting more popular, on a daily basis many people are taking interest in this currency, and trying to adapt it as a prime currency for the transactions. Still many countries are not familiar with bitcoin trading, just because of lack of information technology.

So if you are also a newbie and want to earn and want to know how to use bitcoin, then you should learn before taking any kind of step. I don’t want you to face any kind of loss due to lack of information. In this blog I will guide you if you have bitcoin then how you can use that efficiently. 

Buy Gift Cards

To spend your bitcoin in efficient ways, in my opinion purchasing of the gift card is the best option. If you are not familiar with the gifts cards then let me tell you. Gift cards are actually vouchers, you can use them for shopping on e-commerce websites. Bitcoin is getting famous nowadays but still not all e-commerce companies accept bitcoin transactions, so for purchasing products first we have to buy gift cards then we can use them for purchasing the goods. It is simple, first convert your bitcoin into gift cards then gift cards for the product’s price.

For buying gift cards you can visit spotify, amazon and ebay. These are the best websites for buying gift cards. These websites accept bitcoin payments and in return they give you gift cards, so how you could use them for purchasing the services, products or gifts from the websites that are not accepting bitcoin payments. Many applications are available on the internet, you can also try the application for converting the bitcoin in gift cards. 

Travel Bills

If you can have bitcoin then of course you have a dream to travel in luxurious ships or flights, but due to the expensive price you can’t book them. But if you have bitcoinmastery then you can book flights or ships for your travel. Many travel agencies and companies are offering bitcoin as a payment method, so by paying through BTC you can book a luxurious ship or flight for your world tour. With the flights you can also book your hotels very easily. This is how you can use your bitcoin in the best way. You can make your trip anonymously. The best thing about bitcoin is that you can use it on your international trip. Wherever you are going, you don’t need to go to any exchange company.

You can travel the whole world by just relying on the bitcoin, and trust me without facing any issue. No authority is controlling bitcoin so it is accepted all over the world. Whatever you are in any corner of the world, you just need an internet connection and digital wallet then you can make the transaction easily.

Play Games

You can play casinos or other gambling games online with bitcoin. Many betting or casinos websites are available on the internet that accept the bitcoin payment method for depositing the money for betting. The best advantage of the bitcoin payment is there is no sign of your identity will attach with the payment. So with the help of bitcoin you can enjoy your game without facing any problem. With the help of bitcoin trading online gambling become very popular, you can make deposits anytime and instantly.

For playing gamble with bitcoin you must need to find the trustworthy online casino that accepts the bitcoin payments. If you research properly then you can find the best one for your enjoyment.

Make Payments

One of the typical and popular uses of bitcoin is making payments. Usually you can’t directly make the payment with the bitcoin, but you can use it as the exchange medium. For example you have bitcoin and your friend has USD. You want to buy any product from the website that only accepts USD payment and even not gift cards. Then you can request your friend to buy you that product and in return you will pay him in bitcoin.

The only difficulty is, it is very complex to find the trusted person for the transaction. So ask for the recommendation of your friends and find on the internet, once you find them then make a payment.