Honouring the Trailblazers: The 2024 Awards for Small Businesses

Last Updated on: 27th February 2024, 05:49 pm

The Business Awards UK is thrilled to unveil the esteemed recipients and contenders of the 2024 Awards for Small Businesses. Acknowledging the exceptional achievements and contributions of small enterprises in various sectors, these accolades highlight their commitment to leading innovation, excellence in operation, and significant community influence. The diversity and tenacity of the UK’s small business community are more pronounced than ever, with this year’s awardees and nominees representing the epitome of entrepreneurial ambition and devotion.

2024 Small Business Awards Winners

●       Rubik – Micro Business of the Year

●       Harrison College – Small Business Disruptor Of The Year

●       Eximius Live In Care – Best Work Environment

●       Paycare – Most Positive Impact / CSR

●       Canvas Offices – Fastest Growing Small Business

●       Inflow Partnership Limited – Small Consultancy of the Year

●       WeKleen® Waterless – Sustainability and Environment

●       Quayside Medical Practice – Triumph Over Adversity Award

●       The Pizza Post LTD – Mid-Sized Business of the Year

●       Mastering Mindsets – Best Customer Service

●       The TNG Designs Group Limited – Diversity and Inclusion Champion

●       KSB Technologies – Small Business Of The Year 2024

●       Proper Property Mag – Best Newcomer CEO / Director

●       Lift Social LTD – Best Social Media Marketing

●       Greenrock Pest Control – Best Live Support System

●       PestFix – Best National Small Business

●       Omni Management Ltd – Best Use Of Technology

●       The Hideout Cafe and Bar – Small Family Business of the Year

●       Viable Placemaking – Best Newcomer Small Business

●       Phonely – Most Innovative Small Business

●       SBR (Southbourne Rubber) – Best Small Business Transformation

●       Jem’s Bees – Lone Wolf Business of the Year

●       South West Kustom & Restoration – Best Small Business Website

●       Optimal Events Hire – Best Mobile Site

●       AMT Homecare Group – Best Local Small Business

●       Jamie Pidgley, Zappie Communications – Rising Star Award

●       Broadstone Risks – Small Business Leader of the Year

●       True Talent – Best International Small Business

2024 Small Business Awards Finalists

●       Rubik – Fastest Growing Small Business

●       Pocket Power Ltd – Best Work Environment, Most Positive Impact / CSR, Best Customer Service

●       Canvas Offices – Small Family Business of the Year

●       The Career Coach – Best Small Business Transformation, Small Business Leader of the Year

●       Transform Learning Academy – Best Small Business Transformation

●       KSB Technologies – Small Consultancy of the Year, Best Use Of Technology

●       Greenrock Pest Control – Best Mobile Site

●       Property Entrepreneurs Club – Best Local Small Business

●       Hamilton Piers – Best Local Small Business

●       Lyfeguard – Small Business Leader of the Year

●       Taylors Consumables Ltd – Best Customer Service

●       Mednet – Diversity and Inclusion Champion

●       Proper Property Mag – Best International Small Business, Finalist for Best International Small Business

●       CTR Partners – Best Small Business Website

●       Zest City Limited – Best Small Business Website

●       PestFix – Best Social Media Marketing

●       TOTFest Festival LTD – Best Social Media Marketing, Best National Small Business

●       WeFlex Ltd – Mid-Sized Business of the Year

●       Viable Placemaking – Micro Business of the Year

●       Rochdale Health Alliance – Diversity and Inclusion Champion

●       Phonely – Small Business Of The Year 2024

●       The Utility Group – Sustainability and Environment, Best Newcomer Small Business

●       Team HH Online – Best Newcomer CEO / Director

●       Optimal Events Hire – Best Live Support System

●       Unicorn Orange – Small Business Disruptor Of The Year, Small Consultancy of the Year

●       Muscle Mechanics – Triumph Over Adversity Award

●       Kelly and Companion Co., Ltd. – Most Innovative Small Business, Best Newcomer CEO / Director

●       IXMIIM.com – Best International Small Business

●       NEC Services Group – Mid-Sized Business of the Year, Best National Small Business

●       Zappie Communications – Small Business Disruptor Of The Year, Fastest Growing Small Business

●       Broadstone Risks – Best Use Of Technology

●       The Giftie Company Ltd – Lone Wolf Business of the Year

●       The Tween Tribe – Rising Star Award

●       Gargini Will Services C.I.C – Lone Wolf Business of the Year, Best Newcomer Small Business

●       True Talent – Rising Star Award

●       Maria Patricia – Most Positive Impact / CSR

●       Guided Innovation – Best Work Environment, Most Innovative Small Business

●       Reginald Resources Ltd – Micro Business of the Year

●       Perfect Planner Company – Best Mobile Site

The 2024 Awards for Small Businesses have once again underscored the vital roles and successes within the UK’s small business arena. This year’s recognitions have acclaimed firms that are distinguished by their innovation, dedication to sustainability, and exceptional customer service, emphasising the essential function small enterprises serve in propelling economic growth and fostering community bonds.

Amongst the celebrated, The Pizza Post received the accolade for Mid-Sized Business of the Year, reflecting their culinary prowess and beneficial impact on the local economic scene. Initiated by two brothers with a zeal for superior, Naples-inspired pizzas, The Pizza Post’s evolution from a simple pizza van to an acclaimed catering service is a testament to their passion, innovative customer engagement, and commitment to sustainable practices, embodying the true entrepreneurial spirit.

KSB Technologies was honoured with the prestigious title of Small Business of the Year 2024, saluting their significant contributions in the realm of digital services. Their delivery of advanced technological solutions has played a crucial role in enhancing their clients’ digital presence. Their triumph mirrors their skill in harnessing technology to foster value, illustrating the profound effect small businesses have in leading technological advancements and digital transformation.

This year’s ceremony has highlighted the varied strengths and resilience of the UK’s small business sector, shining a light on their collective achievements and the dynamic essence of small enterprises. The recognition of The Pizza Post and KSB Technologies, along with all the winners and finalists, celebrates the entrepreneurial spirit that supports the UK’s economic framework, motivating future entrepreneurs and business innovators.

For additional information about the 2024 Small Business Awards, kindly contact Business Awards UK.

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