Honouring 2023’s Cloud Computing Innovators

Last Updated on: 29th January 2024, 02:21 pm

Business Awards UK is delighted to disclose the recipients of the 2023 Cloud Computing Awards, paying tribute to the innovators in technology who have exploited cloud computing for innovation, enhancement, and leadership in the digital sphere.

2023 Cloud Computing Award Recipients

  • C365Cloud – Best Use of Cloud Technology, Best Cloud Management Software
  • Candy Management Consultants Ltd – Most Innovative Cloud Application
  • The Adaptavist Group – Exceptional Cloud Service Provider
  • Resolution IT – Exceptional Customer Service in Cloud Computing
  • My Cloud PA – Most Efficient Cloud Operations

Contenders for the 2023 Cloud Computing Awards

  • Candy Management Consultants – Exceptional Customer Service in Cloud Computing
  • The Adaptavist Group – Most Innovative Cloud Application
  • Resolution IT – Exceptional Cloud Service Provider
  • My Cloud PA – Best Use of Cloud Technology, Most Innovative Cloud Application
  • Fairtech Solutions – Best Use of Cloud Technology, Most Efficient Cloud Operations
  • Candy Management Consultants – Best Cloud Management Software

The awardees this year have exhibited exceptional innovation and dedication in applying cloud technology to improve both efficiency and client engagement. C365Cloud has excelled in the realms of cloud software management and application, showing distinguished skills that have set them apart in the cloud sector.

Candy Management Consultants’ award-winning Most Innovative Cloud Application demonstrates their inventive and forward-thinking approach. The Adaptavist Group and Resolution IT have earned accolades for their superlative service provision, proving that achieving customer satisfaction and maintaining technical excellence are synonymous in the realm of cloud computing.

My Cloud PA’s award for the Most Efficient Cloud Operations emphasises their commitment to refining complex workflows, allowing firms to navigate with more agility and robustness within the cloud environment.

The shortlisted candidates have also showcased notable capabilities, with Fairtech Solutions receiving recognition for their adept cloud operations and innovative technology use. This edge signifies the dynamic and pivotal role of the cloud computing industry in driving forward technological progress.

The 2023 Cloud Computing Awards commend the visionaries who continue to expand the horizons of what is achievable in the cloud, not only advancing business functions but also setting new precedents for innovation and efficiency in the digital world.

For additional details on the 2023 Cloud Computing Awards, or to organise interviews with any of the winners or finalists, kindly reach out to Business Awards UK.

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