Goldtree Reserve’s Gold Investment Strategy Soars to Unprecedented Heights

Last Updated on: 22nd April 2024, 08:05 pm

Goldtree Reserve is proud to announce the exceptional success of its gold investment program, which began in March 2023. This program has rapidly advanced to reshape the gold trading landscape, marking it as a significant international endeavour between West Africa and Dubai.

Originated by Goldtree’s licensed entity, this pioneering program has witnessed substantial growth over three years. As of March 2023, following 70 successful trades, Goldtree Reserve’s CEO, Mr. Jacob Moore, and the licensed partner launched a public platform. Registered under UK law and validated by the distinguished law firm Spencer West LLP, this platform is designed for affluent investors to exploit this golden opportunity.

Since its launch in 2023, the program has driven the gold trade from €15M to €85M in less than a year. This cooperative venture between Goldtree Reserve and its licensed entity mandates, including its UK operations, has not only heightened the trade value but also offered investors globally a highly profitable investment vehicle, providing returns far surpassing those of traditional investment options like ISAs and bonds.

Originally initiated with gold shipments on a single Emirates Sky cargo plane, this process has developed into a more elaborate operation. Currently, three planes depart from Ghana every fortnight, spreading the gold equity across multiple aircraft to minimise transit risks. Mr. Moore has committed to further expanding the fleet as trade values escalate, enhancing the operational safety.

The Goldtree Reserve investment program caters exclusively to high-net-worth and self-certified sophisticated investors, presenting an innovative option in the alternative investment landscape. It is swiftly becoming a leading choice among gold investment platforms.

Investors in this program benefit from bi-weekly income payments, with options for income deferral or compounding over three years. The program guarantees returns of 12% to 15% annually, with a 20% deferred return after the first year. Those who choose to compound their returns can enjoy a substantial fixed return of 72.8% after three years. Goldtree’s steadfast dedication to transparency and ethical practices ensures that these exceptional returns are maintained without straining the company’s operations.

For more information about Goldtree Reserve and its gold investment program, please visit

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