GinSen Unveils New High-End Acupuncture Clinic in London

Last Updated on: 19th January 2024, 09:11 am

Recently, GinSen, a leader in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and acupuncture, proudly announced the opening of their latest clinic on High Street, Kensington. This two-floor luxurious facility is designed to elevate the patient experience, offering top-notch treatments in an elegant setting.

The clinic’s prime location in High Street Kensington positions it as a premium destination for acupuncture and holistic care. The treatment rooms are tastefully decorated, providing a peaceful and welcoming environment for patients.

Lily Li Hua, a TCM Expert at GinSen, remarked on the expansion: “We’re thrilled to move to an even bigger and fully renovated clinic, where we can continue offering our patients the exceptional treatments they deserve, with an upgraded experience for their consultations and treatments.”

Since its establishment in 2002 in London, GinSen has been at the forefront of TCM and acupuncture. The new clinic is a testament to its dedication to offering top-tier natural fertility treatments and herbal medicine in the finest surroundings. The facility’s design focuses on ambiance and comfort, reflecting GinSen’s commitment to fostering a calm and healing atmosphere, believed by many to enhance the likelihood of achieving health objectives.

GinSen’s decades-long journey has seen the evolution and perfection of its treatments and herbal supplements, earning it a reputation in TCM. The GinSen team, consisting of experts in acupuncture, excels in treating various conditions, with a particular emphasis on fertility issues, including fertility in individuals over 40, fallopian wellness, endometriosis, and PCOS.

Celebrities and sports figures frequently endorse GinSen, with success stories available on their website, underscoring the effectiveness of their treatments.

Named one of the best London Acupuncture clinics for IVF for IVF by The Standard, GinSen boasts a team comprising herbalists, acupuncturists, fertility specialists, massage therapists, and various TCM practitioners. They advocate for natural, medication-free treatments and innovative TCM-modern practice combinations.

Apart from the new facility, GinSen operates another clinic in Chelsea and an Chinese Herbal Medicine Shop. The shop offers vegan-friendly supplements, made with top-quality natural ingredients in the UK. Customers can also avail of free consultations with Chinese herbalist doctors for tailored guidance.

The clinic’s ethos revolves around promoting health in a natural, safe, and non-invasive manner, complementing traditional Western fertility treatments.

For further details, visit GinSen’s website at

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