Genie AI’s Advanced Legal Editor Aims to Revolutionise the Legal Industry, Challenging Microsoft Word’s 40-Year Dominance

Last Updated on: 22nd November 2023, 07:00 pm

Genie AI, the London-based AI legal assistant, has introduced an upgraded advanced legal editor, offering a new and improved approach to drafting, reviewing, negotiating, and finalising complex legal documents.

The demand for an alternative to Microsoft Word has become increasingly evident:

  • According to Epinion, 56% of lawyers spend over three hours per day using the software.
  • Microsoft Word was released in 1983, resulting in some lawyers relying on it for over 40 years.
  • The number of lawyers using non-Windows platforms has doubled in the past five years, as reported by the ABA.
  • Although cloud-collaboration tools like SharePoint provide real-time internal capabilities, lawyers often struggle with red-lining and face difficulties in determining who has control during the editing process.
  • Lawyers express concerns about losing control when sharing Word documents with counterparties, as hidden changes can be made without detection.
  • While Microsoft Word Extensions offer additional capabilities, including AI features, these plugins often cause crashes.

Reflecting on the history of Microsoft Word, Rafie Faruq, Co-founder and CEO of Genie AI, stated, “Goodbye Typewriter, hello Genie AI! Microsoft Word was never intended to serve as a legal editor, and lawyers have long grappled with frustrating formatting and numbering issues. Our focus has been on creating a seamless and enjoyable editing experience, incorporating AI-assisted features to address real legal challenges.”

Unlike many alternative document editors available today, such as Google Docs and Notion, Genie’s AI-Assisted Editor flawlessly imports the advanced formatting of MS Word while preserving the formatting and styles used in the source document.

Andrea Rinaldi, In-house Commercial Counsel at Trainline, expressed the need for improvement in legal document handling, stating, “As an in-house commercial counsel working in a fast-paced technology company, providing advice both in the UK and internationally, time and cost are always crucial considerations. It is disheartening to witness legal professionals still relying on outdated technology for document sharing, collaboration, and negotiation. It is time to upgrade our tools.”

To experience Genie AI’s new legal document editor for free and gain access to a vast collection of open-source legal templates, visit

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