Football Transfers Trivia Debuts: The Ultimate Game for Football Aficionados

Last Updated on: 28th November 2023, 07:25 am

The launch of Football Transfers Trivia today marks a new era for football enthusiasts, providing a platform to flaunt their understanding of Premier League transfer history.

Inspired by a feature on Sky Sports with Jamie Carragher and Daniel Sturridge, this game challenges participants to recognise the top 100 Premier League transfers from the involved clubs and transfer fees.

Phil Smith, the brains behind Football Transfers Trivia and the director of the Brighton-based web agency amillionmonkeys, expressed his passion for the project: “Football Transfers Trivia is a simple game designed to test your memory of key moments in the Premier League history. It’s a bit of fun will be for football fans what the Tube Map Memory Game was for commuters.”

Following its soft launch, the game has started to garner interest, with a majority of players identifying over 50% of transfers in just two days, although only a mere 2% have managed to complete the game.

Instructions to Play Football Transfers Trivia:

  • Access to see a list of Premier League Transfers.
  • If you recognise a transfer, simply enter the player’s surname in the search box.
  • The game requires no sign-up or login, and progress is automatically saved when you exit the tab.
  • Each correct answer reveals the player’s name and photo, and your score (shown in the top right corner) increases.
  • Stuck? Click on any transfer for additional details, or use the team filter for a targeted approach.

Game Developer Details:

The mind behind Football Transfers Trivia is Phil Smith, a web developer and the director of amillionmonkeys, a web agency based in Brighton. Earlier in the year, amillionmonkeys released 5Tracks, a game that tests music enthusiasts’ ability to identify five songs as swiftly as possible.

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