The last two years have been troublesome for everyone around the globe! The pandemic has not just led to unprecedented deaths, it has also caused the economy to run at a loss and the people to become more isolated than ever. Even when we step out now, there is a lurking fear at the back of the mind of getting infected by the virus. That is not all! The two years of subsequent lockdowns have affected one’s mental health. It has triggered deep wounds and pains that otherwise lay buried.

As we are still managing our way through vaccines and masks, there is a sense of chaos that is present within. Not many of us know how to navigate the world any further. It is safe to admit that we need help. Finding peace is essential to leading a fruitful life. For that, you don’t need to get into any herculean task. All you have to do is look within and follow your inner guidance. Here are a few steps by following which you can find peace during a turbulent phase of your life:

Know That it’s a Temporary Phase

It is one of the most necessary realizations that you should have. No crisis is forever. And it is essential to know that you will get over this phase of mental turbulence at the earliest. Even if you are upset over the pandemic and the virus variants, you should find peace in the fact that today vaccines are available. Also, the medical community is trying to arrive at medicine that can effectively work on the virus. It is essential to realize that the virus infection curve is gradually flattening and will keep doing so as humans get herd immunity. All these factors will make you realize that most challenges are temporary and that you will overcome this.

Read the Spiritual Texts

Even if it might seem like a cliché idea, you will gain ample serenity and calm when you focus on the spiritual texts. For instance, you can learn Mishnah and the Gemara here. These texts are filled with Jewish wisdom that enables you to find the truth beneath every challenge. Today, there are websites that have scholars to explain these texts to you. Also, according to spiritual authors, when read with focus and devotion, the Gemara and Mishna will enable a person to activate their inner healing that will help them to draw in more peace within themselves.

Meditation and Reflective Writing

One of the best ways to find a sense of calm and peace within you is to meditate. There isn’t any need for you to follow any complex rituals for meditation. You can simply take some time out, sit at a quiet place and focus on your breathing. You can contemplate on a certain thought and then write back all your thoughts in a journal. It helps to give words to your thought and will help you to manage your inner conflicts better.

These are some of the best ways in which you can address your inner chaos and calm yourself to live better.