Sports sponsorship platform SPONSOR.ONLINE aims to revolutionise a 55 billion euro industry

Retired French international footballer, Christian Karembeu has joined SPONSOR.ONLINE as an investor and advisor with the aim to revolutionise the sports sponsorship industry.

Based in Switzerland, SPONSOR.ONLINE’s unique platform creates a game changing connection between football teams and leading brands which enables teams to manage, negotiate and close deals within a short period of time with sponsors worldwide.

In 2017 the annual sponsorship industry was worth 55 billion euros, with 40% of the sponsorship eaten up by traditional middlemen. The firm aims to take a slice of this growing and lucrative market.

“We have the potential to change the world”

The platform is growing every single day with more than 150 professional football teams across mainland Europe who are working with over 50 major brands.

The 53 times French international is convinced of the platforms success explaining: “SPONSOR.ONLINE will help the sports industry to take the financial streams to a completely new level by making the existing market more efficient, reducing transaction costs and even creating new market possibilities.”

Christian Karembeu

Christian Karembeu

He continues, “In today’s highly complex, extensively technology-driven environment, making something simple and easy to use is the key to success, further principles of the platform are fairness and transparency.”