Expert Predictions for Wedding Trends in 2024

GSP Events, the events production agency behind some of the most iconic weddings of the past 27 years, have revealed the trends for nuptial celebrations in 2024. Founder of the company, Emma Gold, along with other industry experts, discussed the top trends for the upcoming year, including destination weddings, hotel takeovers and creativity with a conscience.

The trend of destination weddings has seen an increase in popularity, and for 2024 couples are looking for big, luxurious yet unusual locations, such as the Turkish coast and Mallorcan mega-parties. Hotel takeovers are also becoming increasingly popular, with venues such as the Maybourne Riviera being taken over for the weekend, and allowing guests to stay to enjoy the celebration.

A.I. is also making its way into the wedding world, with AI-generated wedding speeches and guest list and table planning being used by couples. Sustainability is also at the forefront of nuptial trends, with couples looking for ways to reduce their environmental footprint, such as biodegradable confetti, carbon off-setting funds and donations to charities in place of gifts.

Leading marquee provider, English Marquee Company, are investing in sustainable alternatives to traditional canvas pole and steel frame tents, with hydrogen trucks and tents made of natural materials such as timber being used.

As for food, there is a trend of ‘back to basics’, with guests wanting hyper-local, provenance-traceable ingredients, letting the produce speak for itself on the plate.

When it comes to floral displays, creativity is key, with couples looking for the newest, hottest and most unusual designs. Local flowers are being chosen more and more, with seasonal and indigenous options being used.

With these trends in mind, it appears that nuptials in 2024 will be luxurious yet sustainable, and full of creativity and local touches.

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