Visitors to Eastbourne’s October Comic-Con with a twist, WynterCon X, can look forward to meeting celebrity guests including Chris Barrie, Colin Baker and Sandeep Mohan, as well as an array of interactive attractions and exhibits.

The event will feature an accurate replica of the iconic Ghostbusters vehicle, Ecto-1, and Johnny (number) 5 from the classic 1986 movie, ‘Short Circuit’. There will also be a plethora of hand crafted replica props from the movie ‘The Labyrinth’ and two animatronic baby dragons that are over two metres long.

The Cosplay Hall is also returning, with an entire hall dedicated to the craft of costuming, and its own displays, photo opportunities, stage area and adjudicated competition for anyone to enter. Prizes will also be awarded to the respective winners.

The Worksop Hall, in partnership with Sky Creative Sussex, will also be filled with educational workshop tasters based around the charity values including arts, crafts, computer programming and more.

On top of this, the trade floor will be filled with handpicked vendors of all varieties including toys, homewares, sweets and treats, prop weapons, table top gaming and accessories, jewellery and more.

WynterCon X will be taking place on October 14th – 15th at the Eastbourne Winter Garden. Tickets and further details can be found on the official WynterCon website.

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