Exciting Launch of New Exclusive Vehicle Registration Plates Business, Reghunters, in North West England

Last Updated on: 22nd November 2023, 12:41 am

An exceptional venture specialising in the sale of exclusive vehicle registration plates has recently been unveiled in the North West region of England.

Reghunters.co.uk proudly presents an unparalleled collection of over 63 million distinctive plates available for purchase, with its headquarters situated in the captivating locale of Blackpool, Lancashire.

Setting a precedent as the United Kingdom’s most affordable retailer of number plates, Reghunters.co.uk offers a vast array of plates starting at an astonishingly low price of £25, excluding VAT, accompanied by a DVLA transfer fee amounting to £80.

Delivering an effortless browsing experience, the enterprise showcases a user-friendly website that enables customers to explore their desired combinations of number plates. With transparent pricing for each plate and an absolute absence of hidden charges, Reghunters.co.uk prioritises customer satisfaction.

The visionary behind this groundbreaking enterprise is Jon Kirkbright, an industry veteran with over 11 years of experience. Throughout his extensive career, Kirkbright has discovered that individuals procure private number plates for various compelling reasons, ranging from endearing gifts to the replacement of original plates that have fallen victim to cloning.

Jon Kirkbright imparted his wisdom, stating, “There exists a cardinal rule when it comes to acquiring a private number plate: one cannot falsify the age of their vehicle.”

“In certain cases,” he continued, “we advertise registrations that possess a timeless quality, suitable for vehicles of any age. If any uncertainty persists, please feel free to seek our guidance from our team of esteemed experts.”

In addition to their extensive number plate offerings, Reghunters also extends a complimentary valuation service for customers who already possess exclusive plates of their own.

Mr. Kirkbright enthusiastically encourages current owners of private registration plates to discover their potential value in the present market, as the value of their investment may have doubled in a mere three-year span.

He elaborated, saying, “I firmly advocate that every three to five years, the value of private number plates should experience an exponential surge. Acquiring a private plate constitutes an exceptionally wise investment, as their value often appreciates over time.”

RegHunters’ free valuation service has garnered immense popularity, with an average of 250 valuation requests received on a daily basis.

Jon further disclosed, “We receive a staggering 250 valuation requests each day. Our team meticulously examines these requests and subsequently proposes a purchase price, as well as an estimated retail price, to the valued customer.”

Notably, RegHunters facilitates the seamless transfer of registrations, enabling customers to effortlessly switch their plates by simply furnishing a single document.

Jon elucidated, stating, “Our proficient team at RegHunter possesses the expertise and willingness to manage all the intricacies of registration transfer documentation with the DVLA.”

“All that is required from you is to submit your V5 document, enabling us to promptly facilitate the transfer of your private number plate to your chosen vehicle, which is typically accomplished within a week,” he added.

RegHunters envisions expansion and the potential creation of job opportunities within the local community of Blackpool. Jon aspires to recruit an experienced sales and administration professional, preferably with a background in the automotive industry.

For more information, please visit Reghunters.co.uk or explore their dedicated Facebook page.

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