Evolve Skateboards and Loaded Boards Collaborate to Bring Forth the Onirique

Last Updated on: 22nd November 2023, 10:06 am

A groundbreaking convergence of expertise in electric skateboards emerges as Evolve’s illustrious 13-year legacy in the industry intertwines with Loaded Boards’ unparalleled mastery in deck design, resulting in the birth of an exceptionally functional and exhilarating ride.

The combined efforts of Evolve Skateboards and Loaded Boards herald the arrival of their most ingenious creation yet: the Onirique. Envisioned from the French word for “dreamlike,” the Onirique vows to transport riders into a realm where boundless exhilaration reigns, and every ordinary commute transforms into an extraordinary journey. This marks the inaugural collaboration between these two iconic skateboard brands to craft a board of exceptional caliber.

Jeff Anning, the visionary Founder of Evolve Skateboards, articulates the synergy achieved in this partnership, stating, “What partnership could be more harmonious than that with a company that not only shares our profound passion but also boasts unparalleled technical expertise across all its offerings? When the foundational technology, innovative contours, concave design, and premium materials are already in place, it becomes an undeniable imperative to unite our strengths and forge an experience that exudes profound excitement.”

Enhancing the Commuting Experience

With a formidable range of up to 15.5 miles on a single charge and an impressive top speed of 22 mph, riders are poised to embark on extended voyages without apprehension. Empowered by potent dual 1500-watt motors, riders can conquer uphill terrains with gradients of up to 30% with effortless grace. The accompaniment of Orangatang Caguama 85mm Street Wheels ensures peak roll speed, serving both commuters and carving enthusiasts.

This electric skateboard showcases a three-layer bamboo deck cocooned within fibreglass/epoxy layers, meticulously striking the equilibrium between nimble maneuverability and steadfast durability. Notably, bamboo veneers grace both the upper and lower surfaces, augmenting not only the deck’s visual allure but also contributing to its functionality. Assertive grip tape guarantees secure footing, catering to leisurely cruising and high-velocity electric skateboarding alike.

A Synergy of Design Prowess

The crux of the Onirique’s allure lies within its functional design. A generously broad deck platform, subtle concave contouring, and strategically positioned flares converge to underpin stability, responsiveness, and precise foot placement. These integral facets nurture an instinctive stance, ensuring riders are perpetually attuned to their board’s orientation. Whether the pursuit involves cruising, carving, or pushing the boundaries of electric skateboarding’s performance, the Onirique adapts seamlessly to the rider’s distinctive style.

Don Tashman, Founder of Loaded Boards, explicates the design rationale for the Onirique deck, asserting, “The Onirique deck was meticulously conceived with the realm of electric skateboarding at its core. It boasts a width that furnishes steadfast stability while retaining a nimble narrowness that facilitates swift, fluid transitions from edge to edge. This translates into effortless control while seamlessly accommodating the speed and power generated by the motors.”

Artistry in Motion

Drawing inspiration from the pioneering craftsmanship of surfboard shapers like Tomo and Album, the Onirique’s performance-oriented silhouette enshrouds intricate curvatures within an ostensibly uncomplicated and aesthetically pleasing form. The meticulously crafted graphic design by Nanastudio captures the ethereal essence of the board’s moniker and the exhilaration encapsulated within each riding experience.

Enthusiasts are invited to pre-order the Onirique electric skateboard through the official websites of Evolve Skateboards, commencing a thrilling new chapter in the world of electric skateboarding.

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