“European Fintech Ecosystem Welcomes Venice Swap as a Promising New Player”

Venice Swap, the one-stop crypto exchange platform based in Lithuania and led by Venetian engineer and entrepreneur Gianluca Busato, has been recognized as a future Unicorn by Dealroom. This prestigious acknowledgement comes from Dealroom’s report, “The Lithuanian startup ecosystem 2023,” available on their platform.

Dealroom has identified Venice Swap as one of the most promising companies within Lithuania’s fintech sector, acclaimed as Europe’s most advanced and among the world’s elite. The report estimates Venice Swap’s value between €364 million and €545 million, highlighting its significant growth potential and solidifying its position as a leader in financial technology innovation.

“With the support of our business network, including the ‘Club Imprenditori Veneti nel Mondo’ (‘Venetian Entrepreneurs in the World’), we have spearheaded innovative projects that marry digital innovation with tokenization opportunities,” said Gianluca Busato. These efforts have yielded groundbreaking projects across various industries, including artificial intelligence, augmented reality, gamification, digital marketing, and IoT.

The recognition of Venice Swap as a future Unicorn is not just an accolade, but a testament to the value creation driven by its ecosystem. “Joining Venice Swap and engaging with our utility tokens means more than pride and belonging; it represents a significant economic potential and value,” added Busato.

The commitment to technological and digital innovation by Venice Swap is designed to anchor real economic potential, avoiding speculative volatility and providing a solid economic value for its community of supporters and partners.

As the company continues to grow and innovate, it invites all interested parties to explore the opportunity Venice Swap presents. With its recognition as a future Unicorn and its commitment to impactful projects, Venice Swap offers a unique proposition in the fintech sector.

This news article was distributed by https://pressat.co.uk/ on Monday, 19 February, 2024.

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