Established for 30 Years: Gadsby Wicks Leading the Way in Medical Negligence Cases

Last Updated on: 22nd November 2023, 02:42 pm

Gadsby Wicks, the premier medical negligence solicitors firm in Essex and East Anglia, recently marked its 30th anniversary. Established in 1993 by medical negligence experts Gillian Gadsby and Roger Wicks, Gadsby Wicks has garnered a stellar reputation for its extensive experience, skilled solicitors, and the justice it has achieved for numerous claimants.

To commemorate this milestone, the Gadsby Wicks team gathered for a special meal at the Talbooth Restaurant in Dedham. The celebration included present and former staff members, as well as friends, family, and guests. The event served as a fitting tribute to co-founder Roger Wicks, with Gillian Gadsby delivering a heartfelt speech in his honor.

For three decades, Gadsby Wicks has remained dedicated to medical negligence law, recognising its complexity and the importance of achieving favorable outcomes for clients. Both Gadsby and Wicks believed that specialising in this area of law was crucial to provide the level of service their clients deserved.

Gillian Gadsby, Managing Partner of Gadsby Wicks, explains the firm’s focus on medical negligence: “Our idea was to set up a practice that specialises entirely in one type of work – medical negligence. This would enable us to focus our expertise where it mattered, and drive the best service and outcomes for our clients.”

This guiding principle has been unwavering throughout Gadsby Wicks’ three decades of existence. The firm has consistently recruited solicitors with deep expertise and genuine passion for medical negligence law.

Gadsby emphasises the importance of specialised solicitors in medical negligence cases, stating, “Medical negligence is a very complex area – it’s important that anyone affected by it works with a solicitor who truly specialises in it. That’s what Gadsby Wicks has always been about. We have only worked, and will only ever work, in medical negligence.”

Today, Gadsby Wicks boasts an exceptional team of medical negligence solicitors with comprehensive knowledge in various areas, including birth injuries, misdiagnosis, surgical complications, and delayed treatment. The firm’s leadership includes Gillian Gadsby as Managing Partner, supported by her fellow Partners: Tami Frankel, Alan Mendham, Tony Mitty, and Corrina Mottram.

Although co-founder Roger Wicks passed away in 2016, his contributions to the company’s growth were pivotal. Gillian Gadsby has continued to build the firm’s outstanding reputation and fight for justice, answers, and compensation on behalf of clients.

Gadsby Wicks has become a leader in clinical negligence law, not only in Essex and East Anglia but across the UK. The firm was the first in England to have multiple solicitors recognised as accredited clinical negligence specialists by the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL). With a remarkable 96% rate of claims settled outside the courtroom, Gadsby Wicks maintains a commitment to excellence.

Throughout its 30 years, Gadsby Wicks has positively impacted the lives of numerous individuals affected by substandard treatment. The firm’s achievements extend beyond its legal practice, with community initiatives supporting local causes such as Kids Inspire, InterAct, and Essex Search and Rescue.

Gadsby concludes, “Everything we do is guided by a desire to achieve the best results for our clients and to continually raise the bar for medical negligence across the country. With a solid foundation beneath us, I cannot wait to see the strides we make in the years ahead.”

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