Essex-Based Brownie Business, Brownie Things LTD, Teams Up with Valet Seller LLC to Enter US Market

Brownie Things LTD, a renowned artisanal brownie and blondie company, has announced its strategic expansion into the United States in partnership with Valet Seller LLC. The move marks a significant step towards the company’s global reach and reiterates its commitment to providing high-quality products worldwide.

The company, founded by Martins Strals and Luke Goold, has gained recognition for its dedication to using only the finest ingredients, including authentic butter and premium chocolate. This commitment to uncompromising quality has earned Brownie Things LTD critical acclaim, including the title of ‘Baked Goods Delivery Business of the Year 2023.’

“Our mission at Brownie Things LTD goes beyond creating delicious brownies; it’s about bringing a piece of culinary art to every table, no matter where in the world it may be,” stated Martins Strals. “Our partnership with Valet Seller LLC is a vital part of fulfilling this mission, ensuring that our products reach our customers in the US with the same freshness and quality that defines us.”

Valet Seller LLC, a renowned distribution and fulfillment company, will play a crucial role in managing Brownie Things LTD’s operations in North America. This collaboration highlights the company’s commitment to maintaining high standards at every stage, from creation to delivery. As a result of this partnership, Brownie Things LTD will be available on prominent US online marketplaces, including and, with plans to expand to Kroger and its family stores.

The decision to partner with Valet Seller LLC was driven by a mutual dedication to excellence and customer satisfaction. “We recognize the significance of our products’ journey from our ovens to our customers’ homes. Valet Seller LLC shares our vision of upholding the highest standards in every aspect of this journey, making them the perfect partner for our expansion,” added Luke Goold.

Brownie Things LTD, founded by Martins Strals and Luke Goold, is a leader in gourmet brownies and blondies based in the UK. The company’s commitment to using real, high-quality ingredients has earned it recognition, such as the title of ‘Baked Goods Delivery Business of the Year 2023,’ and it is poised to make a significant impact in the global market with its expansion into the USA and Europe.

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