Entering eCommerce in the USA by putting SEO into practice

Last Updated on: 22nd November 2023, 08:29 am

The US holds considerable power over the ecommerce market since it’s a massive economy. However, there are numerous reasons for America’s retail success, such as taking risks for developing better products and enhancing customer experiences. Of course, the language advantage is to be noted, and the massive market gets to expand within international ones.

In terms of success, sectors of motor vehicle deals, furniture and electronics are part of America’s best-selling products online. The rise of diversity in payment options allowed businesses to provide customers with almost anything imaginable on their websites, therefore attracting more customers from overseas. This is why Amazon, the biggest retail company in the US, is unmatchable in terms of product variety and delivery access.

Still, America’s ecommerce progress is also thanks to SEO practices. That’s because the highly competitive market pushed the boundaries of creativity for marketers to display content that impresses the population. Hence, penetrating the American eCommerce market needs to be done in consideration of SEO applications, so here’s some insight on how to do it.

Challenges and opportunities in reaching the US market

The US market holds significant opportunities for success, considering the varied array of product categories. In other words, you could sell about everything you want if you choose the right keywords and do a little bit of outsource link building for international scaling.

However, the market is already saturated with companies with similar products and advertisements. In this aggressive environment, small businesses barely make it to the five-year milestone, which is why being successful in the USA with a new ecommerce business is such a big deal.

SEO is paramount to reach your target audience  

Search engine optimization (SEO) has four vital pillars that companies can use as guidance, including:

  • Technical SEO handles aspects of web page indexation, mobile-friendly features and site structure;
  • Content creation includes anything from the quality of the content, the keywords used and relevance to the brand;
  • On-site SEO optimized page titles, meta descriptions and links;
  • Off-site SEO deals with the site’s authority, so it prioritizes social media, local search and link building for eCommerce;

What SEO strategies to consider implementing for the American market

Entering the US ecommerce market requires you to do extensive keyword research, which may not be that difficult considering you’ve got no language barrier and numerous new terms of businesses come from the English language. So, you need to search for relevant and popular keywords depending on your niche and understand the need behind that search. Looking for phrases, too, offers better depth.

You must also consider the site’s structure. While it must look simple and scalable for you, it should also provide Google with link authority to make your ecommerce higher in search results. Therefore, optimize link building USA through methods like content marketing, guest blogging and digital PR. There’s also the skyscraper technique, where you gather resources and information about your competition and create high-quality content for them to place on their websites. This way, you can acquire enough backlinks to increase your organic traffic.

Content is king, especially in the US

Content creation may be one of the most important methods of attracting customers. It leverages a dynamic way of interacting with your audience and is engaging. Luckily, due to its complexity and approachableness, you can introduce all types of content within your site, such as the following:

  • Create how-to tutorials and FAQs about your products so you’ll help customers in need of information at any moment;
  • Share news about developments from your sector and other newsworthy stories to expand your knowledge area;
  • Provide user-generated content, like images, videos and live streams, the possibility of reviewing and social media posts on famous apps like Instagram or TikTok;
  • Develop webinars that help attract talent and also more interest in what your company does;

Your niche is key to advantageous strategies

Respecting the basic SEO requirements works within all industries, but getting in deeper with content creation must be done in accordance with your sector. For example, owning a fashion brand allows you to have a less informal tone of voice when sharing posts. Still, it would be best to present your complex products in a simple way when it comes to tech businesses because tech-savvy people already know what they want.

In this case, you may want to try link building for SaaS ― as a given example ― to collaborate with relevant sites and influencers. Your team must research targeted websites and do some link-building, as this boosts brand awareness and increases referral traffic. 

What to not forget to improve as part of your SEO strategy

It may be overwhelming to check all SEO requirements for the perfect website because there are many aspects to consider for perfecting your brand. However, some things should not be forgotten to take care of because customers immediately point them out, and it will cost you a few resources.

For example, no matter your goals, you must improve your website’s speed since this will keep your clients connected and engaged for longer. It takes only a few seconds for users to lose their patience if the page is not loading, so make sure you solve this issue.

At the same time, broken images will be considered suspicious since they show that somewhere, something wrong happened. While it doesn’t seem like a big deal for the company, a broken image means the page is poorly handled. This goes for all types of content, from text to videos.

Finally, ensure you optimize your website for mobile usage because mobile commerce is rising. Considering that 85% of Americans own smartphones and m-commerce generated sales of $431 billion in 2022, it seems like this is not only a trend―it’s a changing payment method. If customers see a website not optimized for mobile, they might exit it and never return.

Final considerations

Entering the American eCommerce market is a real challenge for companies. The competition is tough, and the content saturation makes customers selective when choosing a preferred product or service. So, what you can do best is improve your SEO.

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