Enhance Your Career with Freevacy’s BCS AI Professional Certifications

Last Updated on: 22nd November 2023, 07:16 am

Freevacy has expanded its range of professional development courses for the privacy industry by incorporating two globally recognised workplace qualifications from BCS, the chartered institute for IT, focusing on the ethical implications of artificial intelligence.

As the corporate world increasingly embraces digitalisation to gain a competitive advantage, Freevacy has launched these courses to address the surging use of AI. One of the most notable advantages of AI lies in its capacity to analyse data and make predictions. While this capability can aid organisations in making well-informed decisions and achieving superior outcomes, it also presents challenges. Risks associated with privacy, transparency, and potential biases in algorithms can lead to unintended consequences.

Joyce Allen, the founder of Freevacy, emphasised the importance of considering the ethical implications of actions as cutting-edge technologies like AI continue to advance and integrate. She stressed the need to be mindful of the potential impact decisions can have on society, emphasising the importance of fairness and justice in a company’s choices.

The significance of maintaining compliant and ethical data practices continues to grow, creating a demand for skilled industry professionals who can guide companies through this complex terrain. According to Joyce Allen, industry professionals are now expected to offer guidance on a wide range of data-driven topics, expanding their value within organisations beyond expert-level knowledge of data protection laws.

To adapt to this evolving landscape, industry professionals must develop their capabilities by building upon their existing legal data protection knowledge. Freevacy is excited to introduce two new professional certifications from BCS that specifically address the ethical considerations organizations must account for when implementing AI technology.

The BCS Essentials and Foundation Certificates in AI equip modern data protection practitioners, privacy engineers, and IT professionals with a comprehensive understanding of the ethical concerns associated with AI. These certifications enable organisations to harness the transformative power of AI while minimising the risks of potential harm.

BCS Essentials Certificate in Artificial Intelligence

The BCS Essentials Certificate in Artificial Intelligence provides a thorough understanding of the subject matter without relying on overly complex technical jargon. This course serves as an entry point for individuals who need to engage in informed discussions with specialist teams responsible for developing AI systems. For others, it can mark the beginning of a continuous learning and development journey.

This course caters to a non-technical audience, including professionals working within the privacy industry, where gaining an understanding of AI is rapidly becoming an essential skill.

BCS Foundation Certificate in Artificial Intelligence

Building upon the knowledge acquired in the Essentials certificate, the BCS Foundation Certificate in Artificial Intelligence is designed for a more technically inclined audience. As AI adoption continues to rise across all sectors of the economy, the demand for certified professionals capable of addressing the ethical challenges posed by AI grows. Merely creating efficient AI systems is no longer sufficient; it is crucial to ensure they are built in a fair, safe, and beneficial manner for all stakeholders involved.


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