Earn Crypto while Learning about Crypto

Last Updated on: 22nd November 2023, 05:11 pm

If you’re serious about obtaining cryptocurrencies without taking risks, you’ll need to look for other ways to earn them.

Brokers provide the twin benefit of providing you with cryptocurrency and boosting your understanding of how to use it.

How to Earn While You Learn?

“Earn crypto while learning about crypto” is the basic tagline of cryptocurrency exchange educational portals.

You can earn a small share of a token by viewing films and doing quizzes about cryptocurrency projects whose tokens are listed on the brokers’ websites.

For example, studying how Maker works could earn you $6 in MKR tokens, while learning about Stellar could earn you $50 in XLM.

The Learn and Earn courses have always supported and promoted crypto incentives.

Keep in mind that these statistics have dropped since most cryptocurrencies reached their All-Time Highs in August 2021. However, they still demonstrate that you may earn considerable amounts of crypto over time simply by learning about new projects.

There are many reputable and regulated exchanges and publicly traded companies. Their instructional content is usually of excellent quality.

Unlike many other bitcoin faucet sites on the internet, a trading platform does not feel spammy, and the information you will gain by completing its educational primers is beneficial.

What’s the Catch?

When it comes to claiming something for free on the internet, there is always a trade-off. In the case of learn to earn, you must create an account and provide proof of your identification. This entails presenting a driver’s license, passport, or national identification card. It’s up to the learner to determine if that’s a reasonable price to pay to get their hands on a modest amount of free cryptocurrency.

You may have heard about the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network’s (FinCEN) contentious proposal to link Bitcoin wallets to verified identities in the United States.

If this rule is implemented, any cryptocurrency you withdraw from the Earn program will be transmitted to a personal wallet tied to your broker account confirmed identity, which isn’t ideal from a privacy standpoint.

Meanwhile, if you’re thinking about using the Earn program, be aware of the privacy trade-offs that currently exists and may exist in the future.

Earn Crypto while Using Exchange Platform

You may have heard of several crypto-friendly companies that allow you to earn cryptocurrency while learning about crypto trading.

For instance, a soon-to-be launched crypto exchange firm, XBO.com will allow users to earn crypto through its rewards programs.

These rewards programs can take the form of watching ads, bonuses, or discounts.

Users who give advertisers their time by watching commercials will be compensated with tokens.

Watching ads is not a pleasurable activity nor is it the most profitable way to spend your time.

XBO rewards program, however, is well-designed and incorporated into the web browser.  It will effectively educate you regarding cryptocurrency wallets and their use.

If you want to earn cryptocurrency but don’t want to reveal all your personal information, this is the better of the two solutions from a privacy standpoint.

 How to Buy and Transfer Crypto?

The Earn program will cover the tools supplied by the exchange and demonstrate how to buy crypto or transfer it from another exchange.

How to Spot Crypto Trade?

The Earn program will teach you about spot trading and how to place your first trade on an exchange. It covers the fundamentals of buying and selling and the different types of orders.

Before you can spot trade, you must first understand how to buy and sell cryptocurrency by completing the preceding modules. You will be able to make your first spot trade by the end of the course.


This article has looked at two simple ways to earn crypto that don’t involve faucets, forks, or airdrops.

Earn and Rewards programs are well-designed products offered by reputable crypto industry players.  They will help you learn about crypto and using wallets, through viewing videos, completing quizzes, and exploring the web.

The user, however, will have to be prepared to give up their time and verify their identity. Earning a reasonable number of tokens will take a long time.

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